Getting a variable value from a php class

In this function i am getting the value of “apartmentId”

function aptAction(){
$apartmentId = $user->getApartments()->get(0)->getId();

Now i have another function where i want to get this variable value, so i write like so —

$val = $this->aptAction()->apartmentId;

which is wrong i know.

If i write like so —

$val = $this->aptAction();

it will return a lot’s of value which i do not need, i need only a selected variable value, how i can do that. can anyone help me to fix this.

using $val = $this->aptAction();
isn’t going to work as currently, aptAction()
doesn’t actually return anything.

In order to use it in this way you need to return
a value out of it like this.

function aptAction(){

    return $user->getApartments()->get(0)->getId();

now when you call $val = $this->aptAction();
you will get the value you’re looking for.

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