Top 6 ways for developing the best On-Demand Food Delivery App

An application for a food ordering company is not a choice any more. It has actually become a necessity. The online shoppers expects to get their order then and there, hence, a just sticking to a conventional website may cost you some conversions. The revenue generated by this industry via mobile devices has crossed a phenomenal amount of $160 million. This trend is expected to go even further in the coming time. Almost 69% customers prefer to order their food via their mobile devices. These statistical reports are enough to specify the signification of an application in the industry.

Are you planning to develop or get an app developed for your on-demand food delivery company? Gear yourself up with some of the tips that can provide you with a competitive edge.

Make it accessible to most of the platforms

When it comes to making your food-delivery app a success, reaching out to a large audience is the key. The fashion-related stores may have a niche market, but the on-demand apps can trigger anyone. Hence, making it accessible to a larger audience is a must. An application that is compatible with all the mobile platforms that is Android and iOS can help you find the edge. The multiple entrances into your apps can help you get it noticed by a larger audience. The apps should even be mobile and tablet optimized, so that, it works seamlessly on every device. The end-user may browse your store via a mobile or a tablet. The change in the device should not distort the user experience.

Location-based services

The prevalence of geo-fencing and location-based services are on a rise, especially in the food delivery apps. This is one functionality that can help you reach out to the potential customers just when they need your services. Optimize your website as well as mobile apps considering next-generation voice search . Make sure that you include the feature of location-based services in your mobile application. Provide the customers with your services exactly where they want to have it.

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Build a loyalty program

On of the most important aspects of the app development is to incorporate the in-app marketing tactics. The option to add reviews and feedback is such feature. In order to increase the installation of the app, you need to enhance it’s visibility in the app store. Getting reviews and ratings from your customers is the best way to rank higher. 26% of the customers redeem the loyalty points using an app. Hence, this is one of the ways to motivate them use your services. Including referral codes is another way to create a buzz once the development is complete. You must give enough opportunity to the store visitors to engage with your app. Generating the referral code will not just improve the interaction of the existing customer, but will even attract new visitors. Moreover, the increased installation can build your reputation in the app store. So, whether you are planning to hire a mobile app development company or you are developing it yourself, make sure that you plan out the marketing strategy in advance. Consider these strategies and develop the app accordingly.

Optimize the content

The internet searches and browsing behavior of the online shoppers are changing. While earlier most of the Google searches were done with keywords, it has not changed to queries. As per a report shared by Google, mobile searches for “Best” have grown 80% in a couple of years . Moreover, the search volume of queries such as “Where can I find a Chinese restaurant?”, “Thai food near me” and others are on the rise. Hence, you need to optimize the content of your app accordingly. Visual graphics create more engagement. So, embed videos, images and other media content related to your business. Along with easy navigation and filters, make sure that the contents of the app provides the solution for the queries of the customers. The name of the items is not enough when it comes to food products. Provide proper descriptions and clarity in order to trigger the purchase intention of the customers.

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Social integration

The contribution of social media in the app-based services is huge. This is one of the most important aspects to improve the consumer decision-making process. Include social media integration and social sharing options in your application. Keep your customers engaged even when they are scribbling their Facebook profile. Motivate them to share your app with their friends and ask for their feedback on the social platform. Their single post will be viewed by a huge audience base. With opportunities come huge responsibility. Social media might be an easier platform to create the much-needed buzz. You need to stay at your toes to manage the negative feedback and complains of the customers. Boost your visibility on the social platform and the conversions shall follow automatically.

24/7 user interaction

Incorporating a 24/7 chat services is a must for any sort of on-demand delivery app. A proactive support can easily help you in customer retention. Since the various websites offering almost the same type of services is at an arms distance to the customers, you need to offer a competitive edge to ensure their loyalty. Staying in close contact to them is one of the ways to boost the customer retention. The push notification has always been accused of annoying the app users, but the fact is it actually works. Keep the customers informed about the offerings for your store through these notifications. The more you interact with the customers, the more business you’ll get.

Wrapping up

If you are start-up, then, keeping a track on the behavior insight of the mobile users is a must. For the specialized applications such as an on-demand delivery app, the app development may include a bit of technical know-hows. However, for any simple eCommerce site, there are no-code mobile app builders that can convert your store into a mobile app in a few simple steps. No matter your business model, the above-mentioned points are some of the considerations that shouldn’t be avoided to make it a success.

Ethan Roy

Ethan Roy, a technical content writer by Profession. With years of experience on various eCommerce platforms (Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart, Shopify), he has a lot to share with the readers. Currently working as Technical Content Writer at Knowband .

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