Master Excel skills that’ll dazzle your bosses, and learn how for under $50

Excelling at Microsoft Excel may not seem like an inherently sexy talent. But as with most things in life, headline-grabbing flash fades while rock-solid fundamentals are forever.

Microsoft Excel has been the gold standard for data organization and presentation for decades, and that shows no sign of changing any time soon. So master the app that masters data with the Ultimate Excel Bootcamp Bundle
, on sale now for $49, an over 90 percent savings
, from TNW Deals.

With this package, you’ll get a lifetime of access to four courses covering all the Excel essentials. The 32-hour Microsoft Excel course lays out all the basics, including 160 lectures on using Excel and understanding core concepts like Pivot Tables, Pivot Charts and more. It all comes together to form brilliantly simple data flows represented in easy-to-follow graphs and other visuals.

From there, the Business Analysis course takes you behind the mechanics to truly grasp what all those numbers actually mean. This class takes you through a battle-tested process refined by some of the world’s top business minds to help turn Excel data into bankable business decisions.

Finally, PivotTable focuses on that powerful Excel feature, offering you tools to pull true facts from broad data sets; while Advanced Excel fortifies your training and expands it, helping you craft more nuanced data models, more complex graphs, and more precise formulas for solving the toughest data problems.

Expand your career opportunities with this all-in-one learning package. It’s a nearly $1,400 value that’s available at the limited time price ofjust $49 if you get it now.

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