PHP substrate but keep HTML tags?

I am wondering if there is an elegant way to trim some text but while being HTML tag aware?

For example, I have this string:

$data = 'some title text here that could get very long';

And let’s say I need to return/output this string on a page but would like it to be no more than X characters. Let’s say 35 for this example.

Then I use:

$output = substr($data,0,20);

But now I end up with:

some title text here that

which as you can see the closing strong tags are discarded thus breaking the HTML display.

Is there a way around this? Also note that it is possible to have multiple tags in the string for example:

some text here and here

It’s a big function, but seems to do the trick.

(Thanks to Alexander below for finding a new link to this function)

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