10 easy-to-use GUI tools for Macusers

Author: @aikawame

Source: Qiita

Link: Qiita-aikawame


A familiar cool launcher for Maca developers.

More PowerFack that Workflow can use is £19 ~.


Window position memory tool (charged)

It remembers the position and size of each application and each window.

Required if using 2 screens with laptop.

You can buy it for about $ 18 from the official website or the App Store.


Window switching tool

Great version of Cmd + Tab

You can switch in windows like Windows!

iTerm 2

Change fonts and colors, to your liking.

You can also customize with key bindings.

Sequel Pro

GUI MySQL client

PhpMyAdmin feels pain when used this.


GUI Git tool (charged)

The revision graph is intuitive and easy to see.

Follow the graph from the specified branch.

Incremental search of commit log.

Personally, it is considerably easier to use than SourceTree.

The price is $ 79.


High-function REST client (charged)

By setting variables, you can switch the environment such as mock, development and production.

GUI is very easy to input.

Can import from API Blueprint

The price is $ 49.99


A sophisticated REST client.


GUI usability is lower than Paw, but you can do almost the same thing.

There is no function extension like Paw.

IntelliJ IDEA

IDE (Paid Subscription) by Android Studio developer.

IDE specialized for each language is prepared.

It is considerably lighter than Eclipse.

It is much more customizable than NetBeans.

Although the price is expensive, because it can be used for work with personal licenses, some engineers use it together for hobbies and work.


GTD (wonderful ToDo management) tool (charged)

Summarize “what to do and worrisome list”.

You can buy it for about $ 40 on the official website or on the App Store.

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