Keep a large number of decimals in Android

Organize a large number of tabs in Android

Good time! My question is concerned to the arrange of tabs in Android apps. My app consisted 6 pages of tabs and, sure, in the running application these tabs decrease to the narrow rectangles – that’s really looks bad. So, is there any cases to switc

& ldquo; out of memory & rdquo; error when using TTask.Run for a large number of tasks in parallel

I am trying to use the new Parallel Programming Library or System.Threading.pas in Delphi. I have a large number of jobs to work in parallel using TTask.Run. Here is the code snippet: var D: TDataSet; T: ITask; TaskList: TList; Q: TThreadedQu

Android – How to allow only a number of decimals

Do you know of any method to make sure users can only enter figures with a maximum number of decimals. I’m not sure how to address this problem. In the MS SQL database I’m going to send data from my app I’ve got columns with this type decimal(8,3) No

How to store a large number of audio files under Android?

I am working on an application which requires me to play large number of audio files. Each file would be of size 100KB approximately. Currently i have 220 files which can go up in future. If I put these files in res/raw folder then i would end up hav

A large number of WebSocket connections

I am writing an application that keeps track of content pushed around between users of a certain task. I am thinking of using WebSockets to send down new content as they are available to all users who are currently using the app for that given task.

Scrolling becomes slow on a large number of text views in scrollview

I have Scrollview is being filled pragmatically, with large number of textview with background Bitmap loaded from Assets folder. they are being filled as rows. each row has different number of columns, when i have large number of these textviews it s

What technology should be used to serve a large number of static files?

My main aim is to serve large number of XML files ( > 1bn each <1kb) via web server. Files can be considered as staic as those will be modified by external code, in relatively very low frequency (about 50k updates per day). Files will be requested i

Invalid syntax when you try to set the number of decimals

I am using Python 3.3.2 and I am trying to set the number of decimals after an arithmetic operation but it keeps throwing me SyntaxError: invalid syntax. I can’t seem to figure out where I am going wrong. Thanks! exampleInt = 123.456789 print({:.2f}.

Get the number of decimals that a number has in c?

I am trying to get the amount of decimals a number has in c: 0.0001 -> 4 decimals, 3,54235 -> 5 decimals, and so on (If you don’t get it, the number of numbers behind the comma.) our teacher sais it can be done in two ways, using a string and not us

Zend_Db last_insert_id returns a super large number

I have a MySql table whose primary key is a 64bit BigInt I’m using Zend_Db (Zend Framework 1.8.4) to insert a new row, then call lastInsertId() to retreive the new row’s id, what I get back is a super large number such as 18446744072633694008, and th

Initialization of a large number of tables in Java?

I am writing an program for an engineering application that needs a large number of 1×3 arrays to store coefficients for a very long rigid body mechanics equation. As such, I have about 90 arrays that need to conform to a very specific and longstandi

Is there an effective way to count the appearance of a large number of cords in Java?

I have to count the number of repeats for different strings in Java. Those strings can be huge, come from several data sources, and a large number of the strings are repeated. I need to get the only 20 from those strings with most frequency of every

Entity, dealing with a large number of records (& gt; 35 mlns)

We have a rather large set of related tables with over 35 million related records each. I need to create a couple of WCF methods that would query the database with some parameters (data ranges, type codes, etc.) and return related results sets (from

Manage a large number of costly UIV views in a UIS view

The iPad app I am designing is going to show a full screen UIScrollView allowing the user to flick through a large number (200 or more) of images – all the same size, no paging. The images are to be loaded from the web and don’t have a predefined ord

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