Code with Flash or Phonegap?

I know that these two aren’t usually compared, but they both fit what I need the most. I’m planning on creating an application that will eventually be ported from desktop to iOS and Android. Flash has Adobe AIR for porting, and Phonegap was built to handle several devices. My question is, which should I go with?

I know how to use Phonegap fairly well, I know my HTML, CSS, and JS, but have no experience with Actionscript. My main considerations are performance. I have not tested anything yet, but I am pretty sure I will be able to use CSS3
animations to reduce CPU load when using Phonegap. I have heard bad things about Flash when porting to iOS and Android. I’m just really confused. Opinions please?

By the way, my application is going to be a game with simple animation. The only problem is, there may be a lot of simple animation going on at once, which I believe I can accomplish with CSS3
. In terms of web design, there is going to be several simple elements being manipulated to move in different directions.

Worst case scenario is ending up having to learn Flash, Objective C and then writing the app in all three languages. :/

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AIR iOS and Android performance issues are greatly mitigated these days thanks to Stage3D.

For me it would depend on how complex the project is. The more complex it is the more likely I would be to use ActionScript (for ease of coding).

From the sounds of it you should be fine with PhoneGap for your needs, so I would tend that way to avoid the time delay of learning a new language (unless you wanted to learn ActionScript anyway).

And with either technology you can also port to PlayBook ;)

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