Conditional CASE WHEN statement

CASE WHEN statement for the ORDER BY clause

I am using SQL Server 2008 R2. I want the priority based sorting for records in a table. So that I am using CASE WHEN statement in ORDER BY clause. The ORDER BY clause is as below : ORDER BY CASE WHEN TblList.PinRequestCount 0 THEN TblList.PinReq

Take the correlated subquery off CASE WHEN Statement

I have an employee table in Oracle that can have either 1 or 2 “future” jobs in table future_jobs, a business rule of some sort, e.g. | employee_id | job_id | job_start_date | job_end_date | |————-|——–|—————-|————-

CASE WHEN statement like a stored procedure or a function?

I have a lot of CASE WHEN statements in my queries that I often use in other queries. Is there a way to store these CASE WHEN statements so that I can recall them whenever needed? Or, do these have to be written out every time? Thanks!You can use cod

Perform an update in SQL with a CASE WHEN statement

What I want to know, is it somehow possible to do an update to a table, in a Case statement? Or if there is Some way to do this? I have a button to pull a report (this button goes and calls a stored procedure, and it gets a list of columns and their

Nested CASE WHEN statement

I have one CASE WHEN condition (CompanyGUID and LineGUID) and I need 4 different calculations with 4 different columns. The calculation works fine, but I just wonder is any way to make it more convenient? like for example maybe using COALESCE trick i

What is the best way to use Case When Statement for 100 or more products

Here is my table “sellers” +————+———+———-+ | Seller_ID | Product | Units | +————+———+———-+ | Seller_123 | A1 | 10 | | Seller_123 | B2 | 20 | | Seller_123 | C3 | 70 | +————+———+———-+ Fro

how to use context.getContentResolver () to run an update with the CASE WHEN statement

Having a sql statement with CASE to do the update field based on row id, without need to passing values. “UPDATE accounts SET field= CASE WHEN id=(select id from accounts where id=0) THEN 1 ELSE 0 END”; How to use context.getContentResolver() to

How do I use a case-when statement in a stored mysql procedure?

I want to set the session_id automatically using the request_time parameter so i opted for a mysql stored procedure that contains a case statement.Here goes. create procedure upd_userinput(in request_time timestamp, out user_session_id int) begin upd

What types of instructions can I put under (cases) when statements?

What types of instructions can I put under when? Some of my code works under if/else, but does not work under case when. For example def categories(massIndex) case massIndex when >= 30.0 “obese” #[some instructions like this] else “error

SQL Server 2008 – Returns null null values ​​from a CASE WHEN statement

SELECT *, CASE when PERSONNUM in (‘x’,’y’,’z’) then ‘Home’ end as HomeEmployees when PERSONNUM in (‘a’,’b’,’c’) then ‘Away’ end as AwayEmployees FROM dbo.ALLTOTALS where PERSONNUM in (‘a’,’b’,’c’,’x’,’y’,’z’) and HomeEmployees is not null –multiple

The subquery returns more than one line when subselecting in a CASE WHEN statement

First query This query works fine and the engine does not complain about it SELECT id FROM agencies WHERE id IN ((SELECT id FROM agencies)) ORDER BY id; Second query This one does not work, the engine is complaining about Subquery returns more than 1

How to write a CASE WHEN statement with multiple DATEDIFF variables

I need to calculate the difference between two dates (facility_start_date, facility_end_date) for a report in Reporting Services in SQL 2005. If the facility_end_date is null then it needs to use the report parameter @EndDate in the calculation. Howe

SELECT in CASE WHEN statement

I have 2 tables with data like that Elements ID Type Value —————— 1 Text AAA 2 Image BBB 3 Video CCC Texts ItemID Language Text ———————— AAA English Hi There! AAA French Hi There in french! DDD English Some other text I wa

SQL – CASE STATEMENT – WHEN statement and statement

I am having a problem trying to work out the neatest solution for the following problem. I have a table Purchase which has a State column, whereby 1 is authorised, 2 is completed and their are some others too. I also have a Retailer table, which has

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