SQL SERVER – Account Added Automatically in SQL Server Used by SharePoint

存储架构 2017-12-30

Earlier I wrote a blog about DBA doing detective work. SQL SERVER – Why We have Audit Trace in DATA Folder? What are These Files? . Now today there is another similar situation where account is added automatically in SQL Server used by SharePoint.

I was thrown into the same situation by a recent interaction with customers. They informed that there is a user account that gets re-added to security roles. The main issue which they reported was that the account which was getting added was for a user who left the company. Here are the database names where it was getting added:

SharedServices_Search_SSPDB, SharedServices_SSPDB, SharePoint_Config

I captured a profile to find how its getting added. I found that this was being done by SharePoint service at scheduled time. I checked the internet and couldn’t find anything. Most likely, this user has used his own account as a setup account and used to configure SharePoint Shared Service Provider (SSP).


I am not sure if there is a way to resolve the automatic account addition. I learned that a user should not use personal accounts for SharePoint setup. The only feasible option which I offered them to disable the account in active directory level, so it cannot be used by a user.

Reference: Pinal Dave ( https://blog.sqlauthority.com )

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