The ‘post-psql’ command is not recognized in the Windows environment

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It seems like I have it set up, I have my database.yml using postgres, and I can connect the database with pgadmin III, but when I tried using the psql command to test what version, it says that is is not recognized? Any idea what I should be doing?

I’m using windows and using command prompt with Ruby on Rails. Using PostgreSQL 9.2 installed with the EnterpriseDB one-click installer.

Assuming you installed PostgreSQL on Windows with the PostgreSQL “One-click” installer packaged by EnterpriseDB, psql
is not added to the PATH
automatically. That’s partly because adding it to the path could otherwise cause confusion when people have multiple versions of PostgreSQL installed.

You need to specify the full explicit path to psql
, eg:


or add psql
to the user PATH
environment variable, see eg this guide


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