Query execution time in Entity Framework vs. SQL Server

I have a query written in Linq To Entities:

    .Where(x => x.Date >= dateStart)
    .Where(x => x.Date  new
    .Select(x => new EntityBrief
        EntityId = x.Key.EntityId,
        EntityName = x.Key.EntityName,
        EntityToken = x.Key.EntityToken,
        Quantity = x.Count()
    .OrderByDescending(x => x.Quantity)

The problem is that it takes 4 seconds when executing in the application using EF. But when I take the created pure SQL Query from that query object (using Log) and fire it directly on SQL Server, then it takes 0 seconds. Is it a known problem?

Firstly, try improving your query:

var entityBriefs =
  Table().Where(x => x.Date >= dateStart && x.Date  x.EntityId)
                    .OrderByDescending(x => x.Count())
                    .Select(x => new EntityBrief
                        EntityId = x.Key.EntityId,
                        Quantity = x.Count()

var c = entityBriefs.ToDictionary(e => e.EntityId, e => e);

var entityInfo = Table().Where(o => mapping.Keys.Contains(o.EntityId).ToList();

foreach(var entity in entityInfo)
   mapping[entity.EntityId].EntityName = entity.EntityName;
   mapping[entity.EntityId].EntityToken = entity.EntityToken;

You may also compile queries with the help of CompiledQuery.Compile
, and use it further with improved performance.


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