Copying rows to MySQL

存储架构 2017-12-30

I want to copy all of the columns of a row, but not have to specify every column. I am aware of the syntax at
but I see no way to ignore a column.

For my example, I am trying to copy all the columns of a row to a new row, except for the primary key.

Is there a way to do that without having to write the query with every field in it?

If your id
or primary key column is an auto_increment
you can use a temp table:

SELECT * FROM source_table WHERE id='7';
UPDATE temp_table SET id='100' WHERE id='7';
INSERT INTO source_table SELECT * FROM temp_table;

so in this way you can copy all data in row id='7' and then assign new value '100' (or whatever value falls above the range of your current auto_increment value in source_table).

Edit: Mind the ; after the statments 🙂

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