107 of the Best Online Marketing Blogs to Follow in 2018

Looking for some new online marketing blogs to read this year? We’ve got a big ol’ list to help you out!

It’s broken up into a few rough categories to keep it somewhat organized:

Blogging, copywriting, social media, graphics and UI and web design, analytics, SEO, WordPress, branding, affiliate marketing and eCommerce, email marketing, hiring and staff, videos and photography, and sales.

When you read these blogs you’ll get ideas and inspiration, and sometimes just a little bit of research on a new blog can change your whole career for the better. That’s our hope with this collection.

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The best online marketing blogs to follow in 2018

Putting together one of these lists is both time consuming and confusing because you need to first find the blogs and then have a reason or a system for why you include them.

With that in mind, the blogs mentioned below are hopefully a good mix of authority
and freshness
in no particular order. I didn’t want you to just see a list of popular sites that you already know – but some will definitely be in there.

If you know of any newer blogs that are doing great things please drop a note in the comment and I’ll consider adding it to the post. I’m always on the lookout for something great!


Blogs that help you get the most out of your own blogging.

  1. Matthew Barby

    Matthew has worked in marketing for a long time and shares content about growth strategies, SEO and content marketing.

  2. Detailed.com

    Incredible content from Glen Allsopp that gives detailed case studies in to content marketing and SEO success stories.
  3. Blog Herald

    The Blog Herald blog cover blogging related news, interviews, and publishes content that is related to all parts of blogging.

  4. The Branded Solopreneur

    This blog is run by Dre, who shares her tips related to branding and visual content. She also writes about WordPress and content creation in her own unique style.

  5. Michelle Shaeffer

    Michelle’s content is more inclined towards individuals who wish to start a career in blogging, or turn it into a business.

  6. A Branch of Holly

    Holly teaches about blogging, but she has her own style of expression through stories and helping other bloggers who are struggling.

  7. Unamo

    Social media, SEO and conversions are the three main subjects the Unamo blog covers in a detailed way. Its content considers various business cases, and suggests solutions for them.

  8. Digital Uncovered

    The Digital Uncovered team consistently publishes terrific content, and discusses different topics in thoughtful ways.

  9. Authority Hacker

    The long-form articles on the Authority Hacker blog are phenomenal, and capable of solving your doubts all at once. Their content is based on what their experience has been working on the internet for years.

  10. Audience Bloom

    Jayson DeMers provides marketing related services, and has some good knowledge about what works and what doesn’t. He shares his advice on his blog occasionally.

  11. Be a Better Blogger

    Kevin Duncan’s blog has a lot of valuable content related to blogging. You can spend a lot of time just clicking through his archives.

  12. ShoutMeLoud

    The ShoutMeLoud blog by Harsh Agrawal is a great place to find how-tos and tutorials related to various blogging tools and platforms.

  13. How to Make My Blog

    Marko Saric shares a lot of worthy content that provides answers to many questions all bloggers have. It’s all well-structured and easy to digest.

  14. Upwork

    Upwork is a platform to hire freelancers or remote workers. The Upwork blog covers several subjects such as hiring, business, productivity and almost every topic that bloggers need to get content about.

  15. Oktopost

    The Oktopost blog is for businesses, and shares tips for teams to make the best use of blogging, content marketing, and blogging to achieve their goals.

Content writing and copywriting

If you do any writing online you’ll need some good copywriting lessons.

  1. Enchanting Marketing

    A blog run by Henneke, who is an expert at copywriting. She shares writing advice for small businesses, without any fluff or pretension.
  2. The Writer’s Academy

    This blog is run by Penguin Random House, and is specifically focused on polishing the skills of writers, and simplifying the overall process for them.
  3. Lauren Sapala

    Lauren doesn’t just write, but shares stories that touch you. She inspires you to have the courage to go on as a writer, and creates posts that most writers can relate themselves to.
  4. Copywrite Matters

    An incredibly well written blog that gives you regular tips about how to be a better online writer.
  5. Goins, Writer

    A good friend of this blog, Jeff is a master writer and his blog gives you practical insights for making writing financially viable as well as fulfilling.
  6. Kate Toon

    An Australian-based copywriter that helps you write persuasive copy to ensure that your clients stay engaged and interested

Social media

Blogs to help you make the most of your hours on social networking sites.

  1. Robert Katai

    Robert has a stunning website with a focus on social media, content marketing and visual marketing. With beautiful, long-form articles, this is definitely a blogger to watch.
  2. Dustin W. Stout

    Dustin shares some specific, practical advice that you can actually carry out. The content on his blog is insightful, and can help you regardless of which stage you’re stuck at.
  3. SBZ

    Sue helps businesses with their social media strategies and has a particularly good focus on Instagram.
  4. Peg Fitzpatrick

    Peg shares some extraordinary, yet easy social media advice. She stresses on using visual content the right way to achieve success with social media.
  5. Jon Loomer

    Jon’s focus is clear. He only talks about Facebook and nothing else. So if Facebook is where your target audience usually hangs out, follow Jon to discover what else you can do.
  6. Sprout Social

    The Sprout Social effectively combines the use of social media and SEO, and presents content that is up-to-date and useful for most businesses.
  7. digimind

    The digimind blog is mostly about social media and analytics. They not only talk about creating content or sharing it, but also about measuring and getting the right outcomes.
  8. Social Media Explorer

    While it’s not a new blog, The Social Media Explorer blog is updated regularly with new posts that explain everything from a broader perspective, and shares advice that works for different platforms.

Graphics, UI and website design

Sites to help your blog be more beautiful and easy to use.

  1. fifteen

    The fifteen team constantly comes up with new design content, and talks about interesting subjects. They have a nice way of explaining everything, in a casual, friendly tone.

  2. Canva Design School

    The Canva blog is a beautiful resource. It has a stack of well-crafted and relevant content that can help anyone become great at design skills, and also covers topics most audience can relate to.

  3. Creative Bloq

    This blog contains content from all aspects of design, such as typography and illustration, and is a nice place to explore more about design elements.

  4. TDB

    Also called as The Design Blog, it isn’t a typical blog featuring tutorials or design tips. Rather, it posts design examples from places to inspire creativity in others.

  5. Smashing Magazine

    Smashing Magazine’s blog is much like a school because they cover everything design-related through their in-depth articles. It’s a nice place to learn new skills.

  6. Format magazine

    Format magazine is some fun and lightweight content that inspires designer to explore fresh topics and see what others are doing.

  7. 99designs

    Creative design for entrepreneurs is their tagline, and their content reflects the same. 99designs posts are about the budding artists, and designers with an entrepreneurial spirit.

  8. Wed Designer Depot

    As the name suggests, it’s primarily about web design, but not limited to it. The articles posted on the Web Designer Depot blog are for anyone involved in working on the internet, with websites.

  9. How Design

    This blog covers a bunch of topics ranging from design news, design career, along with some business related stuff. Add them to your reading list if you wish to know about how the design industry works.

  10. 99u

    The 99u blog by Adobe Systems is about encouraging creativity in work. The bold and provoking content tells the same story through the opinions of thought leaders, and through some unconventional ways.
  11. onextrapixel

    Onextrapixel (OXP) is a tips and tools kind of blog for web designers, and talks about all things design. They keep sharing useful resources occasionally.


Blogs to help you look at data and make more sense of it.

  1. The Signal

    mixpanel has a business-oriented blog called The Signal
    that teaches you to make insightful use of data. It prompts you to critically analyze data and use it in the best way possible.

  2. online-behavior

    This blog has a simple objective of understanding how the online customers behave. It posts studies related to data and interprets them so you can properly decide your website and UX.

  3. Jeffalytics

    Jeff Sauer posts outstanding content to measure the growth and success of your blog using analytics. He presents some great points to show how you can use existing data to develop new insights.

  4. Loves Data

    Benjamin Mangold really loves data. He talks a lot about Google Analytics as his main aim is to help people make better use of their own data.

  5. OnlineMetrics

    A blog by Paul Koks where he primarily discusses uses of Google Analytics and Digital Analytics. Follow his blog if you wish to polish your analytics related knowledge.

  6. Occamís Razor

    This blog by Avinash Kaushik is still relevant and is regularly full of insightful ideas that can give you new things to work on with your own analytics.


Blog that will show you how to rank higher on Google and stay up to date.

  1. Ahrefs

    Ahrefs is undoubtedly one of the most powerful tools. The Ahrefs blog is equally useful where the contributors share a lot of SEO related practical advice and tips.

  2. Webris

    A content marketing and SEO blog with some really amazing case studies that have pretty incredible results. Lots of practical tips here.
  3. Portent

    Although the Portent blog covers some other topics as well, their SEO related content is strong and useful. It’s a fantastic place to learn more.

  4. Backlinko

    The Backlinko blog by Brian Dean is exceptional. It’s suitable for all kinds of audience and explains technical nuances in an easily understandable manner, while often delving in to amazing detail.

  5. Search Engine Watch

    The SEW blog posts about analysis of search engine industry to increase the discoverability of websites. So the content revolves around ranking better and getting found by new audiences.

  6. Ranking By SEO

    This blog covers a broad range of SEO related topics such as keyword research, optimization, and technical SEO. It’s much like an all-in-one kind of blog.

  7. WooRank

    WooRank blog tries to simplify SEO and digital marketing in order to increase traffic, promote user engagement, and improve conversions.

  8. CognitiveSEO

    The CognitiveSEO blog is about monitoring and improving your search engine rankings. They share workable tips related to the same on their blog.

  9. Moz

    Still the world’s premier SEO blog in our opinion, this is the blog to follow if you want up to date advice on how to make sure you’re getting your Google SEO right.


Helping you to get the most out of the world’s most popular platform.

  1. WP Superstars

    The WP Superstars blog has a motto of simplifying WordPress. Its content includes a lot about plugins, themes, tutorials and hosting. Overall, it helps you resolve your WordPress related problems.

  2. WPKube

    It contains thorough articles to educate you about WordPress, and deal with any issues you’re facing. It’s regularly updated with new resources and easy hacks.

  3. WPLift

    An ideal blog for basic WordPress users who don’t want to deal with code, and need easier solutions for WordPress. The content is useful and new.

  4. WPExplorer

    The WPExplorer blog covers some frequent WordPress issues in a clear and simple way. It provides direct solutions and excludes any unnecessary chaff.

  5. WPAll.club

    This blog shows you the latest tools, deals, or themes, and also covers the problems WordPress users need to deal with on a regular basis.

  6. DeveloperDrive

    The DeveloperDrive team shares a lot of technical details and tutorials about WordPress. It’s focused on making WordPress better for you. It’s ideal for you if you’re a developer yourself.

  7. Remi Corson

    Remi’s blog is all about WooCommerce and related stuff. It can be especially helpful for those seeking a single place to learn all about this eCommerce platform.


Blogs to help you build a brand, not just another website.

  1. Motto

    The Motto blog talks about all beautiful things ranging from creativity, design and entrepreneurship, while keeping branding at its heart.

  2. Kaye Putnam

    Kaye explain some definite ways to assist you in growing your brand, and presents some relevant examples from her work.

  3. DBD International

    David Brier’s blog presents some sincere ways to end brand-related confusion. His blog posts have specificity which help give practical insights to common questions.

Affiliate Marketing and eCommerce

Blogs to help you get better at selling things online.

  1. Mobile Moxie

    An excellent blog that teaches you how to make sure your mobile user experience and strategy is converting to sales and leads.
  2. Inbound Ascension

    A fantastic blog by Daniel Daines-Hutt that gives actionable tips and case studies for how you can make everything online convert better.
  3. eCommerceLift

    John creates content keeping the eCommerce industry at center, and doesn’t post general content. He only publishes what holds potential for eCommerce businesses, along with some case studies.

  4. A Better Lemonade Stand

    The team dives into various parts and stages of running an eCommerce business such as platforms, apps, branding, or strategy. Overall, the have a stack of high-quality content that’s gold.

  5. Bootstrapping Ecommerce

    If you’re starting an eCommerce business on a small budget, this blog can guide you. They have advice related to starting and growing your business, even you aren’t a big deal.

  6. Demac Media

    The Demac blog comes up with ideas to help commerce businesses prosper in a competitive environment. It informs you with updates about how you can seize various opportunities.

  7. BigCommerce

    This blog features in-depth articles covering various subjects in the eCommerce scene. It shares content that can be useful to eCommerce business owners with a broad range of subjects covered.

  8. Acquire Convert

    Giles Thomas shares some tips to grow your business. He covers all facets or running an eCommerce business and making it successful.

  9. Luke PeerFly

    If you’re aiming to make affiliate marketing a main source of income with your blog then Luke’s blog may help. He shares his experience with various methods and related advice.

  10. PartnerCentric

    The PartnerCentric blog provides some thoughtful answers to affiliate marketing related doubts, and explains new ways to earn using the same.

Email marketing

Blogs to help you make your email marketing more effective and useful.

  1. Phrasee

    The Phrasee blog breaks down all elements of successful emails, and teaches you how to craft your emails the right way.

  2. Litmus

    The Litmus blog explains all ins and outs related to using subject lines, email analytics and other parts of email marketing. They’ve also got a podcast.

  3. Benchmark

    Benchmark blog is simple, without any flashy elements. But their content is strong enough to help you better your email marketing efforts.

  4. Campaign Monitor

    Along with its blog, Campaign Monitor offers a set of tools, guides and webinars. You would find most of resources you need to enhance your email marketing.

  5. Constant Contact

    Articles published on Constant Contact are brief and clear. They tell you what you can do, and then suggest practical advice for execution.

  6. Freshmail

    The Freshmail blog constantly come up with new and useful ideas to help you create better email campaigns. They’ve got some helpful resources as well.

Hiring and Staff

Ideas for hiring staff to help your blogging business grow and expand.

  1. FreeUp

    The FreeUp blog is for companies or businesses finding ways to hire remote workers online. It also shares tips about maintaining a healthy workflow and relationship with your team.

  2. Glassdoor

    Glassdoor’s blog is mainly for recruiters, or those who are seeking better ways to polish their hiring skills. It also teaches you about how you can become a better employer.

  3. Officevibe

    It’s an effective blog about building fantastic teams, and working well together. They also talk about keeping employees happy and being a responsible hirer.

  4. Chris Ducker

    For a long time now, Chris has built a blog that shows you how to hire people online in order to take all the day-to-day tasks off your hands so you can focus on building a company.

Videos and photography

How to use visual content to make your blog more successful and useful.

  1. Digital Photography School

    DPS by Darren Rowse has been around a long time and is still quality. They teach you how to get the most out of your camera (or cellphone) and become a better photographer.

  2. Light Stalking

    It talks about beautiful photography. They keep sharing thoughts on becoming better photographers, and also have a forum where users can ask for feedback about their work.

  3. PetaPixel

    A blog that posts news, camera reviews, related articles, and also has a podcast. It also keeps the audience updated with newest happenings in the photography world.

  4. Outdoor Photographer

    This blog by Madavor Media features contributors who talk about equipment and techniques for mastering the art of landscape and wildlife photography.

  5. Vlog Nation

    Unlike other blogs which cover videography techniques, Vlog Nation shares tips related to the unconventional but emerging trend of vlogging for YouTube enthusiasts.

  6. Photography Life

    The team constantly comes up with content that’s useful to photographers, and share various tips and tricks for capturing better photographs.

  7. No Film School

    This blog presents serious videography content which is equivalent to some conventional course, and can take you to a pro level. It covers almost all required topics such as direction, screenwriting, editing and others.

  8. The Beat

    A blog that covers topics such as video editing, video production and motion graphics. The posts are regularly updated, with tutorials for various video editing tools as well.

  9. Fstoppers

    Fstoppers mainly aims at educating and inspiring the community of photography and videography enthusiasts. They have enough content for different genres.

  10. The Blast

    A blog by Shutterstock which mostly shares tips and tutorials for after effects, motion design and video editing.


Blogs that show you better techniques for selling and all things sales.

  1. John Barrows

    John shares a lot of great sales advice that’s based on his experience and stories. He covers almost all sales-related consequences you’d normally face.

  2. LinkedIn Sales

    LinkedIn’s Sales Solutions blog produces a steady stream of content that’s published by various thought leaders and contributors. It’s got a bundle of useful resources, too.

  3. No More Cold Calling

    Joanne Black talks about building relationships and getting referrals to increase sales, instead of the popular way of cold calling. She shares her views about better sales tactics on her blog.

  4. MJ Hoffman

    Jeff has worked as a sales consultant in the past, and shares his lessons on the blog. His advice is often simple and workable, without any complications.

  5. Marc Wayshak

    Marc is a sales strategist who shares his blog posts combined with his YouTube videos. His advice is sensible and focuses on creating better salespeople.

  6. LeadFuze

    The LeadFuze team publishes content about lead generation and sales skills. Their goal is makes sales easier and less time-consuming.

  7. Close.io

    The Close.io blog covers topics related to almost all sales methods such as emailing, cold calling, reporting or automation. Also, their content is entertaining, but to the point.

  8. Attach.io

    Attach.io blog teaches you to communicate better for sales. They have content to help you at every stage of dealing with prospects.

  9. Yesware

    Yesware blog suggests tips to improve soft skills, increase productivity, and organize tools. The team tries to better the abilities of salespeople.

  10. Growbots

    The content addresses several sales concerns such as emails, customer acquisition, communication techniques and automation tools.

  11. Ambition

    Ambition blog is for the salespeople. Its content is about how to make new hires, drive more revenue, or increase efficiency.

  12. Spiro

    The Sipro blog has a fun and casual way of addressing salespeople’s troubles. They’re capable of suggesting solutions without being serious at the same time.

What did you think of these blogs?

I’d really love to know what you thought of this list and whether or not there was anything new and interesting there for you. As I mentioned at the top of the post, if there is any other amazing online marketing blog out there that I’ve missed please let me know in the comments.

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