Our Top 30 Content Items of 2017

综合技术 2017-12-30

Charles Humble compiles a list of this year’s most interesting and popular content on InfoQ and chats to QCon chair Wesley Reisz about 2017 and how the next 12 months are shaping up.

The relentless and exciting pace of innovation in software continued in 2017 with a real explosion around machine learning libraries and frameworks. We also saw the continued adoption of "cloud native" architectures (including Microservices) as a major theme, and chaos engineering as a growing area of interest.

As well as this, both Java and .NET had an amazing year and we saw tremendous interest in both .NET Core and Java 9 and 10 on the site. We also saw a huge surge in interest in our coverage of organizational culture and team management.

This weekWesley Reisz and I have recorded a special podcast looking back over 2017, which you can hear here

In addition, to help you keep on top of everything, InfoQ published 582 videos, 82 podcasts, and over 1200 written pieces of content over the course of the year. Choosing just 30 pieces of content from this was ridiculously hard but the editorial team has done its best, guided by views/likes and our personal preferences. If you feel we’ve omitted an important piece of content do please add it in the comments.

Software Architecture

  1. How Slack Works
  2. Scaling Instagram Infrastructure
  3. Sachin Kulkarni Describes the Architecture behind Facebook Live
  4. Netflix’s Nora Jones on Establishing, Growing, and Maturing a Chaos Engineering Practice
  5. Microservices vs. Monoliths - The Reality Beyond the Hype

I’m also really proud of the monthly InfoQ architects' newsletter which we launched this year. If you have a particular interest in system design I really recommend you subscribe and see what you think. You can either add it to your InfoQ profile (under preferences) if you have an account or sign-up here

Software Development


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