Blackberry Semaphore

How to fix this exception in Blackberry?

I am using jxa-1.0 to create Instant Messaging application in blackberry while running the application i m getting exception like “ Stream closed”.Could you please tell me how to fix this?? or if u have prior experience with

Blackberry – How to use the notification icon in the status bar

In RIM Blackberry OS 4.6+ there is a new feature – ability to show notification icon in statusbar. Integrated application use it to give quick and informative information for user: Dealler – missed calls, Messages – unread messages etc. removed dead

Blackberry SDK 4.2.1 not available in Eclipse Plug-in 1.1

I need to develop an application for Blackberry Java SDK 4.2.1 and above. I’m currently under Eclipse Classic 3.5, and I have installed the BlackBerry Java Plug-in for Eclipse v1.1, with all the Blackberry Java SDK available, versions 4.5 to 5.0. Unf

How to Free License for a Java Semaphore

So this code: int usedPermits = totalPermits – semaphore.availablePermits(); semaphore.release(usedPermits); Isn’t threadsafe, because if between the two lines another thread releases a permit, semaphore’s capacity will actually increase above its or

A semaphore with start function

I’m writing a asynchronous library using begin/end, and I need to lock objects. Currently, I’m doing this using semaphores, but calling semaphore.WaitOne() suspends the thread where it is called. I’d rather use something like BeginWait so it would re

Blackberry – Custom EditField Coutur

I am creating a search box for my BlackBerry project, but it looks like BlackBerry doesn’t have an API for creating a single line EditField. I have created a custom field by extending BasicEditField and overriding methods like layout and paint. In th

Blackberry Facebook sdk prob for OS 7.0

I am using Blackberry Facebook SDK (FacebookBlackBerrySDK-v0.8.25.jar) for facebook integration for my app. I am using the following code. ApplicationSettings as = new ApplicationSettings(NEXT_URL, APPLICATION_ID, APPLICATION_SECRET, PERMISSIONS); Fa

Which BlackBerry Minimum BlackBerry systems should I develop?

I am developing a Netflix application for BlackBerry mobile devices. I need to make a decision as to the minimum OS version that I should develop for – depending on which I choose will have some design impacts (such as what browser field classes I ca

Facebook BlackBerry SDK

I want to implement facebook login and sharing in my blackberry app. Can you help me with a sample code of how to use it as I read the readme file it wasn’t useful at all.Download jar from here and add it to your project

How to use multiple forks () running at the same time? And how to use the semaphore in c?

I’m working on assignment where the professor is asking for a solution to solve the dinning philosopher problem using semaphores. Here is my code so far: #include #include #include #include <unistd.h

How to SetFieldChangeListener for ListField in Blackberry?

I am new For Blackberry .. i need some Help. How To SetFieldChangeListener for ListField in Blackberry?This way: yourListField.setChangeListener(fieldChangeListenerInterfaceImplementation); Implement FieldChangeListener and pass the implementation in

Semaphore POSIX: Why does the parent process acquire a semaphore before the child releases it?

#include int main(void) { int pfds[2]; char buff[20]; sem_t sem; sem_init(&sem, 1, 1); pipe(pfds); if (!fork()) { printf(“Child: Waiting to acquire semaphoren”); sem_wait(&sem); printf(“child acquires lockn&quo

Difference between completion variables and semaphores

In the linux kernel, semaphores are used to provide mutual exclusion for critical sections of data and Completion variables are used to synchronize between 2 threads waiting on an event. Why not use semaphores for such a synchronization ? Is there an

Navigate from one qml page to another in cascades blackberry 10

I’m developing one blackberry 10 application. I’ve coded the first page in main.qml which contains buttons and lables, etc. And this page doesn’t contain any navigation or tabbed pane. Now when the user clicks on the button in the main.qml page, I ha

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