Hey Hollywood, Chance the Rapper’s got an film idea for you

If it hasn’t already been proven that Chance the Rapper is more than just a rapper, let the case close on this once and for all.

The Chicago native hopped online on Friday to share pitch a movie to the good people of Twitter and attempt to crowdsource a film, 280 characters at a time. His idea is an interesting, and uh, timely, one. It’s about, drumroll please , Donald Trump.

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In brief tweets, Chance laid down the basic premise of the future Hollywood blockbuster.

Alright I gotta movie pitch: a thread

— Chance The Rapper (@chancetherapper) December 29, 2017

Basically, Trump receives his first iPod loaded with songs from every generation (including future generations) for Christmas, marking the first time he ever will have the ability to listen to music.

“And like A Christmas Carol, It’s a Wonderful Life, or What Women Want this iPod drastically changes how President Trump sees the world,” he tweeted.

President Trump gets an old Ipod for christmas

— Chance The Rapper (@chancetherapper) December 29, 2017

But not only is it his first Ipod, he’s actually never listened to music before in his life.

— Chance The Rapper (@chancetherapper) December 29, 2017

This Ipod has music from the past, present & FUTURE

— Chance The Rapper (@chancetherapper) December 29, 2017

And like A Christmas Carol, It’s a Wonderful Life or What Women Want this Ipod drastically changes how President Trump sees the world

— Chance The Rapper (@chancetherapper) December 29, 2017

Chance then called upon Hollywood and Twitter alike to pitch in their “songs, actors, a title, an ending” for what he’s declared to be a ” suspense thriller/sappy Christmas musical ,” and the ideas began pouring in from his fan base. So many people contributed scenes to suggestions on who to collaborate with musically for the film.

He goes to everyone he’s done wrong throughout his life and fixes it all…the people at first don’t believe him and think it’s all a scam but eventually after some work they realize he’s really changed and begin to accept him as a president

— ☆ a r i ☆ (@grannytortilla) December 29, 2017

Alec Baldwin for trump. You write the music with @Lin_Manuel it will be a hit

— Mitch Anzovino (@letsgobucs3) December 29, 2017

There should be a scene towards the end of the movie like the scene where Jim and Pam in the Office listen to the same iPod but Trump goes to the UN and plugs his iPod in and everybody is listening to his new favorite songs pic.twitter.com/0rtGUEUXYW

— Cameron Ferrell (@Ferrell_Cameron) December 29, 2017

I understand that this might be a bold move because Hollywood is not ready to see an Asian play the role of an Apple product but I do believe I have what it takes to accurately portray my people’s status as portable media players.

— tin (@tinnydotdocx) December 29, 2017

“Bam. It’s officially a movie,” he finally tweeted, and because it’s Chance, he also threw in another possible film into the mix.

“Also I got an idea just like this but for like… a racist police officer,” he explained. “Because I believe if we can humanize Blacks through orcs in “Bright”we can humanize just about anyone. Im done with this app for the day. But most likely not.”

If by the power of Twitter we can get a buddy film with Rihanna and Lupita Nyong’o on Netflix in our near future, then this should be a walk in the park. Directors, where you at?

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