A new version of the Nokia 3310 with 4G is on its way

  • HMD Global is releasing a new version of the Nokia 3310 that will connect to 4G networks.
  • Previous models were only able to connect to either 2G or 3G networks.
  • The phone recently passed through TENAA, indicating that we may see a release soon.

Smartphones might be all the rage, but feature phones deserve some love too.Nokia made one of the best feature phones of all time with theNokia 3310. HMD Globalrevived the device after it began producing Nokia phones and later came out with a 3G version. The first version could connect to a very limited number of bands, but the 3G version offered much better connectivity.

Now, HMD is back with another version of the Nokia 3310, and this time it’s packing 4G. Nokiamob spotted the device passing through TENAA, the Chinese regulatory body for telecommunication devices. Luckily for fans of the device, it looks the same as ever.

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One of the only changes is the operating system. VTechgrapgy points out that the 3310 4G will run YunOS instead of Feature OS or s30+, which were the two operating systems powering the 2G and 3G versions, respectively. YunOS is able to run some apps that we see on Android, as it’s based on AOSP. That leaves us wondering if we’ll see some stripped down versions of apps like WhatsApp make its way onto the 3310 4G.

We know this isn’t going to be the most popular phone out there, but it might be a fun device to pick up fornostalgia’s sake and to use as a backup. Now that it can connect to 4G, there’s no danger of it being left in the dust as carriers will eventually shutter 3G networks in the future.

We’re still awaiting pricing details for the Nokia 3310. The 3G version of the phone launched at $60, so we’d expect this one to include a small increase. If it’s anything under $100, you’ll see me at the head of the line.

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