PyPy v5.10 发布,Python 解释器

PyPy v5.10 发布了。这个版本是一个增量版本,新功能较少,最主要的功能在于最终的 PyPy3.5 版本,可以在支持 beta 版本的 linux 和 OS X 上运行,还能与 greenlet 的 vmprof 协助修复。


  • improve ssl handling on windows for pypy3 (makes pip work)

  • improve unicode handling in various error reporters

  • fix vmprof cooperation with greenlets

  • fix some things in cpyext

  • test and document the cmp(nan, nan) == 0 behaviour

  • don’t crash when calling sleep with inf or nan

  • fix bugs in _io module

  • inspect.isbuiltin() now returns True for functions implemented in C

  • allow the sequences future-import, docstring, future-import for CPython bug compatibility

  • Issue #2699: non-ascii messages in warnings

  • posix.lockf

  • fixes for FreeBSD platform

  • add .debug files, so builds contain debugging info, instead of being stripped

  • improvements to cppyy

  • issue #2677 copy pure c PyBuffer_{From,To}Contiguous from cpython

  • issue #2682, split firstword on any whitespace in sqlite3

  • ctypes: allow ptr[0] = foo when ptr is a pointer to struct

  • matplotlib will work with tkagg backend once matplotlib pr #9356 is merged

  • improvements to utf32 surrogate handling

  • cffi version bump to 1.11.2


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