HTC’s light bulb can potentially save someone’s life

Now, from the company that had some of the best designed smartphones in the world only to take its eye off the ball, comes a new version of an everyday household product that could save your life. HTC, using some of the technology it employs for the Vive VR headset, has developed a light bulb that can detect when a human has fallen in the room brightened by the bulb. If this occurs, a moving antenna is activated to help determine if the human is alive or dead.

The same technology can be used to determine if someone is sitting in one place too long. The Sedentariness Reminder Function will tell people in a room that sitting in one place too long is not healthy. We’re not sure how this reminder would be disseminated. Perhaps a notification is sent through an app that is offered with the light bulbs. That same app could automatically call an ambulance when the bulb detects that some one has fallen and they can’t get up.

This might be the beginning of an HTC division that produces smart devices for the home. Or the company could decide to milk its newfound friendship with Google
and have the bulb sold through Google’s Nest
line of smart appliances. The company did file for patent protection with the USPTO earlier this year.


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