Style cell in the Kendo grid via ClientTemplate

I’m attempting to style the ‘containing’ cell in a kendo (mvc) grid. The column is bound as follows:

@(Html.Kendo().Grid(Of RTFVM)().Name("RealTimeFinancials") _
                  c.Bound(Function(x) x.Line.Months(0).Total).Title("Jan").ClientTemplate("#= processCell(Line.Months[0])#")

And my JS conditional styling function is as follows:

function processCell(CellData) {
    var monthNumber = CellData.MonthNumber;
    var output;

    switch(CellData.Message) {
        case null: output = fn(CellData.Total); break;
        case 'Total': output = '
' + fn(CellData.Total) + '
'; break; default: output = '' + CellData.Message + ''; } return output; }

Using the above I can style the text
that appears in the cell but apparently not the cell itself (I guess you could call it the text object’s ‘parent’/container).

Is there any way to access/style the cell from within the ClientTemplate or do I have to separately find the cell by using the databound event using the data-uid row/column-find method?

Try like:

Add a class/id to the output “div” that is returned from the “processCell” function and using that class get the parent element of the cell and add styling to that cell. Hope it works!

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