Node.js doesn’t recognize system path?

I’ve been working with node.js
, v0.6.3, locally installed on Windows Vista
at C:Program FilesNodejs
. I recently upgraded to (by running the installer for) v0.6.6 . It seemed like it worked for a while, but now if I try to run
‘node’` from any directory I get a

‘node’ is not recognized as an internal or external command

message, though running ‘node’ from C:Program FilesNodejs

I tried rebooting, removing node, reinstalling, reinstalling 0.6.3 – nothing seems to work. I just don’t get why ‘node’ fails to recognize system path, though node works from its base dir?

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Node is missing from the SYSTEM PATH, try this in your command line

SET PATH=C:Program FilesNodejs;%PATH%

and then try running node

To set this system wide you need to set in the system settings – cf –

To be very clean, create a new system variable NODEJS

NODEJS="C:Program FilesNodejs"

Then edit the PATH
in system variables and add %NODEJS%


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Everytime I install node.js
it needs a reboot and then the path is recognized.

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Nodejs’s installation adds nodejs to the path in the environment properties incorrectly.

By default it adds the following to the path:

C:Program Filesnodejs

The ending
is unnecessary. Remove the
and everything will be beautiful again.

Discussion courtesy of: Varun Achar

Try adding C:Program FilesNodejs
to your PATH
environment variable. The PATH
environment variable allows run executables or access files within the folders specified (separated by semicolons).

On the command prompt, the command would be set PATH=%PATH%;C:Program FilesNodejs

Discussion courtesy of: Gio Borje

I set the NODEJS variable in the system control panel but the only thing that worked to set the path was to do it from command line as administrator.


Another trick is that once you set the path you must close the console and open a new one for the new path to be taken into account.

However for the regular user to be able to use node I had to run set path again not as admin and restart the computer

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Make sure nodejs in the PATH is in front of anything that uses node.

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Watch out for other paths ending in too. I had this:

...bin;C:Program FilesMicrosoftWeb Platform Installer;C:Program Filesnodejs

and changed it to this:

bin;C:Program FilesMicrosoftWeb Platform Installer;C:Program Filesnodejs

removing the final , but it still didn’t work. The previous path, for the Web Platform Installer, had a trailing too. Removing that fixed the problem.

Discussion courtesy of: user1207577

Go to the folder in which you have Node and NPM (such as C:Program Files (x86)nodejs
) and type the following:

> set path=%PATH%;%CD%
> setx path "%PATH%"


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