A better way to pad left a string with zeros

Left padding of a string with zeros

This question already has an answer here: How can I pad a String in Java? 24 answers I’ve seen similar questions here and here. But am not getting how to left pad a String with Zero. input: “129018” output: “0000129018” The total outpu

Is there a better way to count placeholders in string format in a string in C #?

I have a template string and an array of parameters that come from different sources but need to be matched up to create a new “filled-in” string: string templateString = GetTemplate(); // e.g. “Mr {0} has a {1}” string[] dataItems = G

A better way to move the NSView limits with the drive?

Currently writing a roguelike to learn more about Objective-C/Cocoa. I’m really enjoying it so far and I’ve learned tons. This code moves the origin of the view’s bounds, so that it follows the player as he moves. The code works perfect, I was just a

Is there a better way to consume multiple models than with ViewModels in ASP.NET MVC?

I’m new working with ASP.NET MVC 2 and one of the examples I’m following is the official ASP.NET MVC Music Store on codeplex. In the example project they have this scenario: There are three models: Albums , Artists, Genres. What is making me doubt is

Is there a better way to build this MySQL query with many WHERE conditions?

Requirements are to take a user-provided list of keywords and return any record that has any keyword in any of 16 fields. So if the user enters keywords of cup dog bread (The order of the keywords is not significant and there is no implied r

Is there a better way to test this Rails controller with RSpec?

I have an Account model that validates that its subdomain is unique. I’m trying to learn how to test controllers with RSpec. Here’s what I’ve come up with, but it’s quite different than the generated RSpec test and i’m wondering if this is a good way

What is the best way to test an empty string with jquery-out-of-the-box?

What is the best way to test for an empty string with jquery-out-of-the-box, i.e. without plugins? I tried this. But it did’t work at least out-of-the-box. It would be nice to use something that’s builtin. I wouldn’t like to repeat if (a == null || a

Is there a better way to do console games than with Console.Clear ()?

I’m messing around with game loops and going to create some games as practice. Currently I have a steady game loop up where the game is updated as fast as possible and the rendering is updated x times a second (25 currently) The rendinging method is

Is there a better way to implement Equals for object with lots of fields?

see also Hows to quick check if data transfer two objects have equal properties in C#? I have lot of Data Transfer Objects (DTO) that each contains lots of simple fields. I need to implement Equals on all of them (so I can write some unit tests off t

Is there a better way to search for a list with another list

Is there a better linq query to see if a list contains any item in another list than the following: results.Where(r => r.Categories.Intersect(submittedCategories).Count() > 0) where r.categories is the list of categories the result is in and submitt

What is the fastest way to overwrite an entire file with zeros in C?

What I need to do is to fill the entire file contents with zeros in the fastest way. I know some linux commands like cp actually gets what is the best block size information to write at a time, but I wasn’t able to figure out if using this block size

Easier / better way to convert a hexadecimal string into a list of numbers in Python?

My goal is to get a 64 characters long hex number from a user (which represent a serial number) and convert to c_type 32bytes number. Serial Number is defined like this: _sn = c_ubyte * 32 I accept SN string from user into args.sn variable. Here’s ho

Is there a better way to find if the string contains numbers?

I’m working with strings that contain both digits and alphanumerics, or just digits, but not just alphas. In order to test for false matches, I need to check if the strings contain at least one digit, printing an error message if it doesn’t. I have b

A better way to correctly implement the string ‘in’

suppose you have an array with a number of strings in ActionScript3 and you want to test if a test string is “in” that array. “in” only works against the index with Arrays in AS3 (which is totally retardo if you ask me), though it does

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