Pegasystems Associates With MuleSoft to Link Pega Applications With Third-Party Data

科技动态 2017-12-07

Pegasystems is known for empowering customer engagement. It has recently declared the initiation of the MuleSoft API specification. This permits Pega users to readily collaborate Pega apps with nearly every third-party app and system via MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform. Pega has even become a part of the Technology Partner Program.

Training in Pega will aid leading enterprises readily unlock invaluable information, enabling them to create an application network both on-premises and in the cloud. By lowering the time spent on complicated integration projects, enterprises can focus on delivering the best customer experience.

Pegasystems Partners With MuleSoft

To dispense outstanding service for customers, enterprises must be in a position to exploit customer data cornered in various siloed solutions and apps confined within an organization. Accompanied by both the partnership and Certified API, it is now quick and simple for Pega customers to merge this diverse data with Pega’s suite of CRM applications, as well as the Pega Platform. This pre-built connectivity enables Pega clients to readily administer customer engagement via market-leading apps. By teaming the API with the RESTful API Modeling Language, MuleSoft training gives Pega users a simple, single and reliable point of engagement with a whole ecosystem consisting of partners and developers.

Pega’s suite of CRM applications for sales, marketing, and service integrates its major business rules engine with advanced and real-time AI. Pega solutions allow clients to frequently forecast evolving needs and enable them with personalized recommendations in the process of their entire journey. By involving users with the appropriate message at the exact time on the right platform, enterprises can enhance customer satisfaction and their lifetime value.

Various healthcare implementations necessitate the incorporation of data regarding the patient, provider, doctor and treatment from dissimilar systems within and external to the healthcare management environment. Anypoint Platform assists healthcare applications in connecting this information within to enhance healthcare results and lessen the amount required.

The Anypoint Platform helps Healthcare applications couple the information to enhance care outcomes and lessen costs. The API specification for Pega quickens the process of collaboration within various enterprise scenarios, like:

  • Patient’s healthcare records can be accessed to ensure more proactive care;

  • Financial service enterprises that utilize legacy systems to fasten user onboarding, deal with compliance and risk, and distinguish fraud;

  • Telecommunication enterprises be able to obtain overall view of the customer within various channels to enable superior service and proactively discover customer problems;

  • Insurance enterprises can recover user information to support policies and govern claims.

Many vendors are aware of the fact that AI will transform the way enterprises interact with users, but they first need admittance to data locked in several systems. By integrating with MuleSoft, all these silos can be broken down further and more rapidly enable users with a definite vision from AI-centered solutions to enhance customer engagement.


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