ASUS Zenfone 4 Max updated to ZenUI 4.0

ASUS has been working on its custom Android skin for years, named ‘ZenUI.’ The fourth major version first appeared on some Zenfone 4 devices, but a few in that line were still rocking ZenUI 3. One of these wasthe Zenfone 4 Max, and now ASUS is finally getting around to updating it.

An over-the-air update has started to roll out to the Zenfone 4 Max, with the highlight feature being ZenUI 4.0. That means the interface should look cleaner, and there are fewer pre-installed apps. Here’s the full changelog:

  • Upgrade system user interfance to ZenUI 4.0
  • Enable CHT/FET/TST VoLTE & FET VoWIFI function
  • Improve double tap to sleep/wake feature

ZenUI updates are not related to the underlying Android version, so the phone is still running Android 7.1.1 under the hood. ASUS has promised to update all Zenfone 3 and 4 devices to Android Oreo by the second half of 2018. You can find more information about this update at the source links below.

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  • ASUS ZenTalk ( 1 ,
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