Linux 生成 core dump的方法及设置


Linux 生成 core dump的方法及设置
core dump 定义
A core dumpisthe recorded state of the working memory of a computer program at a specific time, generally when the
program has terminated abnormally (crashed). In practice, other key pieces of program state are usually dumped at
the same time, including the processor registers, which may include the program counter and stack pointer, memory
management information, and other processor and operating system flags and information. The name comesfromthe
once-standard memory technology core memory. Core dumps are often used to diagnose or debug errors incomputer programs.
On many operating systems, a fatal errorina program automatically triggers a core dump, and by extension the phrase"to dump core" has come to mean, inmany cases, any fatal error, regardless of whether a record of the program memoryis created.


Linux 生成 core dump的方法及设置


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Linux 生成 core dump的方法及设置