Svn repository url


Svn repository url

I have site stored in my wamp folder under www/sitename/ now i access this by typing


Now i want to have a repository of files in this folder.When i try to checkout in svn i have given http://localhost/sitename/
in url repository.

But it is replying with error message redirects done

Unable to connect to a repository at URL ‘http://localhost/sitename/’

Question 1:Will it really possible to form repository using url.If yes how this would happen in virtual host.

Question 2:How can i solve this error

can’t be both the website service and
the SVN service. It has to be one or the other. When you access that URL (assuming port 80 for the http protocol) either the Apache process picks up the request and responds with the website or
the SVN process picks up the request and responds with the repository. Only one of them can listen for the request.

What you’re trying to achieve isn’t good practice anyway. Your source control repository shouldn’t also be the production application. It should be separate. So you’ll want to create an SVN repository on something like http://localhost/SVN
or any other non-production-application path.

While I do
admire continuous deployment as a goal, skipping the deployment step altogether isn’t how to achieve it 🙂 You should still separate the two different concerns (source control and production application) and deploy from source to production as a separate and discrete step. Even if that step is simply a script that gets run automatically on checkin (hopefully after running any automated tests to validate the checkin before deployment).


Svn repository url

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Svn repository url