I wish I knew… — and other UX links this week


I wish I knew… — and other UX links this week

I wish I knew… — and other UX links this week

A weekly selection of design links, brought to you by your friends at the UX Collective.

10 things I wish I knew before my first corporate UX design job ›

Almost two years ago I sat down in front of a computer screen, in an open office space, waiting. I was nervous, eager to start and terrified. This is what I wish I had known before sitting down in that chair.

At that point, everybody looked like a small part in a complex machine. A foreign machine to my mind.

I started my first job in the corporate world without knowing too much about their plans, vision or past, and whether I could be a good fit. I was simply too excited about being hired right after graduation, (finally earning good money) to take a step back. Here’s what I learned.

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Creating users, not addicts ›
Technology, for all of its benefits, can create a sense of claustrophobia. What’s our responsibility when it comes to creating media for an addiction-prone culture?

Motion design doesn’t have to be hard ›
Despite having so much potential, motion is perhaps the least understood of all the design disciplines. This may be due to it being one of the newer members of the UI design family.

Improving your team’s presentation skills will make you rich ›
Let me tell you a story. If it sounds familiar it’s probably because it is. If it sounds painful it’s because it is. If it sounds expensive, well… you get my point.

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From the community

Stories by Sarah Fathallah , Sara Vieira , Jake Burke , Sepideh Sabour , Buzz Usborne , Sooho Choi , Shankar , Linh Giang Nguyen .

News & ideas

Tools & resources

  • Torch : a design and prototyping tool for AR
  • V Font : experiments and resources on variable fonts
  • ColorBox : generate color ranges with science and precision
  • iOS12 : a guide for getting ready for iOS12 notifications
  • Logo Lab : put your logo to the test
  • Notes for Zeplin : Chrome extension organizes all notes from a Zeplin project
  • DigPick : make better group decisions with a visual voting tool

A year ago…

Stop doing user interviews. Start having conversations. ›
There’s something I’ve realised lately, that’s making my user interviews go smoother and getting deeper, more nuanced insights. I want to share it with you. The key is this: relax.

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I wish I knew… — and other UX links this week