The mobile phones of Doctor Who – series 6


The mobile phones of Doctor Who – series 6

To celebrate the upcoming series Doctor Who staring Jodie Whittaker, I’m attempting to chronicle all the mobile phones used in previous shows.

If you think you’ve spotted something that’s not listed here, or think I’ve made a mistake, drop it in the comments.

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Darkest Timeline

Oh my friends and oh my foes, I have some tragic news! Series 6 of Doctor Who contains the least number of phones seen so far.

Amy, bless her, is still rocking the same old Nokia 7100 Supernova in Jelly Red that’s she had last season.

She uses it to snap a photo of The Silence – it also makes a couple more appearances throughout the next few episodes.

Amy – The Girl Who Waited

As she lives her life in the Two Streams Facility, Amy cannibalises her phone to make a sonic probe.

Now, here’s a curious thing… I don’t think that’s her Nokia 7100. It doesn’t have the Jelly-Red colouring, and the curve of the base seems wrong. Hard to tell though under all those wires.

Based on the curved keypad, I reckon it’s a Samsung, but I can’t narrow it down further than that. Stick your best guess in the comments.

Craig – Closing Time

Everyone’s favourite flatmate, Smithy, is back! He’s ditched his rubbish Windows Mobile from last season. What’s the modern businessman using as a digital filofax these days?

I know that you think it’s a Nokia E63 or E72 – but you’re wrong! Forensic examination shows that it’s the Nokia C3 .

The front view clearly shows the correctly positioned buttons, and the lack of markings on the side.

The prop team have covered the Nokia logo, but the speaker grille gives it away.

The top shows the slightly odd headphone and charging port combo.

And that’s your lot! Will Series 7 be any better?

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The mobile phones of Doctor Who – series 6

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The mobile phones of Doctor Who – series 6