Tutanota is an open source and privacy focused alternative to Gmail


Tutanota is an open source and privacy focused alternative to Gmail

#1. Google tracks you, we don’t.

Gmail, Yahoo & Co all have one thing in common: They want to gather and store as much data about you as possible. It is their business model to create a profile based on your online habits so that targeted ads can follow you around the Internet whereever you go. That’s how they make money.

Tutanota is the exact opposite: We do not track & we do not store IP addresses. We are committed to privacy, we even let you sign-up to Tutanota without a phone number, which makes it the best anonymous email service.

We at Tutanota are committed to restoring your right to privacy. We do not use Google analytics on our website, and we plan to publish our Android app on F-Droid to enable you to use a completely Google-free email service!

#2. Google knows you inside out, we don’t.

One account. All of Google. – Unfortunately this also means that Google knows you inside out. They know your emails, you search, you browsing habit, everything. And they don’t even hide it:

Google is known for scanning your emails to serve you targeted ads, even to complete your sentences while typing.

While Google has full access to all your emails, we encrypt them all.

Tutanota encrypts your entire mailbox – emails and contacts – and lets you send end-to-end encrypted emails to anybody in the world. Here are details on the high level of security you get with Tutanota . As all data in Tutanota is encrypted, only you can access it. Thus, no one can spy on your private emails.

#3. Google shares your data, we don’t.

But not only Google can read the content of your Gmail account, they even share your data with third party app developers.

In addition, American authorities can request any data from Google even if the data is not stored in the US because of the Cloud Act. If you want to make sure no one but the intended recipient reads your emails, you must use encrypted emails.

In Tutanota all data is stored encrypted on our own servers, which are based in Germany. This means we have absolutely no access to your data because only you hold the decryption keys.

On top of that, Germany has very strong data protection laws , which have become even more strict with the recent European GDPR .

#4. Tutanota uses best-in-class SSL standards.

We protect your emails (also the non-encrypted ones) with top SSL encryption, including DNSSEC, DANE, DAMRC & DKIM .

With our focus on security, we were one of the first email services to implement DANE which improves SSL-security a lot.

#5. We listen.

Have you ever contacted Google for support? Ask them to add a feature that you are missing in Gmail? Usually, there is silence.

At Tutanota we listen to our users. We respond on social media . We even ask the community to vote for features they would like us to implement next. In short: We care.

#6. Our passion for privacy vs. profit maximization.

Tutanota is being built by a small team that is passionate about everybody’s right to privacy. We are supported by an amazing community, which enables us to grow our team continuously and make Tutanota a lasting success , without being dependent on venture capital interests.

Google is simply too big and too powerful. Last year Google outspent every other company on lobbying in the US .

Our aim with Tutanota is not to maximize profits or to satisfy investors. We are building Tutanota to fight mass surveillance and to stop corporate intrusion into our right to privacy.

We need more competition, less tracking and more focus on securing our private data. Even if you have nothing to hide, no one should be able to harvest your private data. It is getting easier and easier to turn away from Google. Lots of people are doing it already and so can you. Here are some tips on how to leave Google .

Take back your data now: Join Tutanota.


Tutanota is an open source and privacy focused alternative to Gmail

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Tutanota is an open source and privacy focused alternative to Gmail