Get rid of spaces and tabs output wmic


Get rid of spaces and tabs output wmic

Delete spaces and tabs in a python string

How can I remove specific whitespace within a string in python. My input string is:, str1 = “””vendor_idt: GenuineIntel cpu familyt: 6 modeltt: 58 model namet: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-3120M CPU @ 2.50GHz steppingt: 9 cpu MHztt: 2485.65

Show the space and tab in the XML label

How to represent space and tab in XML tag. Is there any special characters for them to represent.I think you could use an actual space or tab directly in XML document, but if you are looking for special characters to represent them so that text proce

How to create a regex that corresponds to an arbitrary sequence of spaces and tabs

Could anyone help me to assemble a pattern that matches an arbitrary sequence of spaces and tabs? [ t]+ will match arbitrary sequences (e.g., spaces followed by tabs followed by more spaces …).

how to display spaces and tabs using unix and & ldquo; cat & rdquo; order

I’m trying to figure out how to display the contents of a file through unix where the spaces and tabs are marked somehow. I know how to display the files with tabs (aka cat -T filename) but I’ve been trying to figure out how to show the spaces as wel

How to replace spaces and tabs with nothing in C?

I wrote this function: void r_tabs_spaces(char *input) { int i; for (i = 0; i < strlen(input); i++) { if (input[i] == ' ' || input[i] == 't') input[i] = ''; } } However when I compile this and run it, the compiler complains that "error: empty cha

Can not get rid of spaces between inline block elements

This question already has an answer here: How to remove the space between inline-block elements? 32 answers Please see the following example: As you can see, it’s a simple example of menu items set to display:inline-block;

Get rid of spaces between lines in html

The following html code creates two hyperlinks in consecutive lines with 1. Space in between 2. Underlined links. How do I get rid of both 1 and 2 ? <font face="monospace" font size="4"

How to get rid of spaces in a plot ggplot2?

I’m preparing a figure for a publication. I’m omitting the x label by setting xlab(“”), however ggplot2 produces a whitespace instead of completely removing the label. How can I get rid of the whitespace (marked by red rectangle in the plot belo

How to Get Rid of Copy and Paste Using Cell Function In Excel VBA With Double Loop?

I am optimizing a very old macros code and I noticed that it does useless action to copy data from Sheet “Source” to “Test” and afterwards – to the right destination sheet “Overview”. Is there any way to get rid of an extra s

How to get rid of boxing and removing functional programming?

says that we want to filter out all the odd one in a list. odd’ (i,n) = odd i unbox (i,n) = n f :: [Int] -> [Int] f lst = map unbox $ filter odd’ $ zip [1..] lst *Main> f [1,2,3,4] [1,3] it has the unpleasant boxing and unboxing. can we change the w

how to get rid of hooks and commas in groovy when printing a table

I need to print an array without parenthesis part of a json file “platforms”: [ { “platformCode”: “EOS”, “platformCodeDescription”: “Credit Card Servicing (Voyager) platform” }, { “platformCode”:

Python 3 mixes spaces and tabs?

I know there are many questions on tabs vs. spaces, but it appears that, contrary to what PEP 0008 says about Python 3, mixing tabs and spaces is not always illegal. Specifically, mixing tabs and spaces in the same block is illegal, but blocks with s

Using the dir function in Matlab – how to get rid of `.` and` ..`

I am using dir function to list the content of a folder but it gives . and .. for first two folder. Is there any way to get rod of this silly process. Can I use regular expression in dir function ? (if I can, it can be a solution)I don’t know of any


Get rid of spaces and tabs output wmic

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Get rid of spaces and tabs output wmic