If condition syntax error


If condition syntax error

php if condition syntax error

I have these code: <?php $i=0; while (true): echo "test"; $i error message: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_BREAK in C:xampphtdocsdataindex.php on line 5 there is a syntax error with the if con

Selenium IDE – Passing a string variable in a conditional statement ‘gotoIf’ starts a syntax error?

I am trying to store the current url (http://example.com)in a variable and compare it with another string as a condition in the gotoIf command (part of the gotoIf extension.js): storeLocation || url gotoIf || ${url}==”http://example.com” || labe

Syntax error when I use the ternary conditional expression in the JSX syntax (React)

I’m getting an error for the following code: {this.props.mountedPage === “frontpage” ? : } Error message: Error – Parsing error: Unexpected token . Refers to the first dot in thi

Syntax Error in Mysql Trigger with condition if

I want to update two table using trigger ,so I am running the below query: CREATE TRIGGER project_document_trig AFTER INSERT ON object_metadata FOR EACH ROW BEGIN IF NEW.group like ‘group1’ THEN UPDATE documents as document SET document.projects_coun

JavaScript – Conditional start a syntax error not entered

I am currently working on a challenge to convert any amount of arbitrary numbers entered into the function below as a currency (expressed by a string where every three characters are separated by a comma). All was okay until I realized that if the le

Jade Template in Meteor – Conditional Comparison Syntax Error

Trying to compare two template variables is resulting in an error. This seems consistent with jade syntax. What’s wrong here? Code: if name == current_project.name | Current else a.nav-project-selection Set as Current Error: While building the applic

Postgres syntax error in this condition

I am trying to calculate commission and according to that commission value (commiss) i want to update a column value fixed_fee select st1.* ,(st1.order_item_value * st1.commission_rate)/100 commiss , if commiss < 50 then update payment_error set fixe

Bash: Syntax error near an unexpected “ table_name“

I’m getting started learning Laravel 5 in Ubuntu 15.04. So, I’m done creating my database but when I’m trying to insert data using Terminal, I’ve got some error that says bash : syntax error near unexpected token `’table_name’` Here’s my terminal inp

Syntax Error in Access SQL View

I always have trouble with Access SQL. The syntax requires randomly adding parentheses or moving things around that are different from SQL Server. Does anyone know what the syntax error might be here? The error is focused around the FROM clause. I kn

Syntax error near unexpected token & ldquo; Elif & rdquo; In bash

Here’s my code to display some dialogs. #!/bin/bash output=$(zenity –list –text=”Choose action” –column= –hide-header “Hidden Files” “Desktop”) if [ $output = “Hidden Files”] then output2=$(zenity –list –text=

& Ldquo; Syntax error near unexpected token `elif ‘& rdquo; Error in bash

I wrote a script and parts of the script are as follows: #!/bin/bash if [ “$1” == “this_script” ] then this_script –parameters elif [ “$1” == “other_script” ] then other_script –parameters else echo “missing

Postgresql syntax error at or near & ldquo; THEN & rdquo;

I’m trying to create a view in Postgresql , but when I run this code appears this error: syntax error at or near ” THEN ” CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW VW_MONITOR_DEVICE AS SELECT P.POSIZIONE_DEVICE_ID AS MONITOR_DEVICE_ID, P.VALID AS VALID, […] IF (

VHDL syntax error near if

I’m a trying to find out the problem with this simple VHDL code. I’ll be grateful if someone could help me. PS: I tried the code without the conditional block and it works :S ! *The message error is : Error (10500): VHDL syntax error at Four_Bits_Add

Syntax error in the plugin python mercurial

I just installed this “checkfiles” plugin and it has a syntax error. I don’t know Python, but I’ve tried a few things and can’t figure it out. I’m wondering if someone else could take a peek and see if anything stands out. It’s the very last lin


If condition syntax error



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If condition syntax error