Connecting to multiple servers from a single client


Connecting to multiple servers from a single client

Connecting to multiple servers from a single C client socket

I have a single client that is trying to connect to my main server using socket s1. The client needs to keep trying to connect to main server with s1, but at the same time connect and keep sending “trying” messages to my secondary server. Is it

Ssh2 connects to multiple servers and gets the output nodes

I am using ssh2 nodejs module to connect to a UNIX application and run a script and it is successful. Now i want to connect to multiple servers one by one and get the output and store it. When i try using a for loop to pass the servers one by one fro

c # Multiple Values ​​from a Single Text Box

In C# I want to get multiple values from a single textbox. I want to develop an application that convert geographical coordinates frome latitude and longitude in other projection system. For example: The user enter following coordinat 41°24’12.2″N. T

Managing multiple events from a single listener

I want to have a single event listener for multiple events and depending on the type of event i want to handle them separately. Something similar to Swiz framework see: ‘Handling Multiple Events from a Single Method’ i have a piece of code like var t

How to update multiple lines from a single query using an eloquent / current mode?

I was learning about How to insert multiple rows from a single query using eloquent/fluent and I found the answer here Can somebody share any documentation about how to update bulk rows in single query? My queries are below. Update tblrole set role =

Generate multiple APKs from a single project

I’m trying to understand how i can generate multiple APK from one single project. I’m using gradle and this is my project’s three: ambrogiocore is the core library module that implements all the common classes and resources. ambrogioremote is the mod

How to read multiple integers from a single stdin line?

To learn Rust, I’m looking at things like the HackerRank 30 days challenge, Project Euler, and other programming contests. My first obstacle is to read multiple integers from a single line of stdin. In C++ I can conveniently say: cin >> n >> m

How to create multiple APKs from a single source project

I wanna get multiple APKs from a single source project. Just the application’s title, icon, and package name are different with the others. The project is on gradle(1.12), as below. . └── my_project ├── build.gradle ├── settings.gradle └── module ├──

Number of multiple rows from a single table

How do I get counts of multiple records from a single table using db2 query? Suppose I want to get the count of 1 record am using: select count(*) from schema.table where record value=’x’ What I need is a count of multiple records from the same table

How to connect to multiple databases in a single PHP page?

Possible Duplicate: How do you connect to multiple MySQL databases on a single webpage? If I want to connect to one db do some query, and then later do another query from another DB. How do I do it? Do I just mysql_pconnect(“host:3306”, “us

Serving multiple models from a single view (or do I have to use multiple views?)

Related to this post, I want to populate multiple HTML pages from a single Django view. The difference between this and the link I just mentioned is, I don’t want it to be programmatically based. I have links on my template like “Reports” and ot

Thread safety: Reading multiple threads from a single const source

What should I be concerned about as far as thread safety and undefined behavior goes in a situation where multiple threads are reading from a single source that is constant? I am working on a signal processing model that allows for parallel execution

How to prevent multiple logon from a single user name

How to prevent multiple login from single user name? I am saving username and password in database. I want the user to login from 1 place at a time only. For more information on how to configure your ASP.NET application, please visit http://go.micros

PHP 5 how to call multiple values ​​from a single function?

If I have the following class example: prefix = $prefix; } public function getPrefix() { return $this->pre


Connecting to multiple servers from a single client



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Connecting to multiple servers from a single client