Writing about UX for over a decade — and other UX links this week


Writing about UX for over a decade — and other UX links this week

Writing about UX for over a decade — and other UX links this week

A weekly collection of UX links, brought to you by your friends at the UX Collective.

A few things I have learned after 10 years writing about UX →

Writing was the way I found of memorizing everything I was learning as I dove into the field of UX.

Every Saturday morning I would spend about three hours looking back at everything I had read the week before (I still do, by the way), and turning my personal notes into articles I would publish on a UX blog I had created to help me in that process. Having a place to document what I was learning was an important piece of the puzzle.

And believe me: you learn a lot when you are doing the same thing over and over, every week, for over a decade.

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The illusion of control in web design →

We control absolutely everything we can, but the harsh reality is that we control less than we think. By Aaron Gustafson .

Calm interfaces are here, and they’re wonderful →
How to build experiences that don’t constantly demand our attention, and use natural elements to make us connect to the physical world.

How designers and developers can communicate better →
The need to respect each other, and the fact that everyone is working to try and create the best outcome for the project. By Rachel Andrew .

The best place for error messages on forms →
If error messages are not placed where users expect to see them, you could jeopardize their capability to complete your form.

The UX of Disney →
From pre-arrival to post-arrival, a thorough analysis of the experience at Walt Disney World. By Joe Tower .

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Tools & resources

  • Case Study Club : a gallery of case studies in UI, branding and product
  • ScreenFocus will adapt the brightness of your monitors based on your activity
  • Sketchize : downloadable sketch sheets to help you bring your ideas to life
  • Fluent Express : get your English text checked instantly by a real person
  • UX Folio : is a platform to show your UX work (well, and potentially commoditize it)
  • Scrumpy : a tool for agile teams who manage multiple projects

A year ago…

The New Skeuomorphism is in Your Voice Assistant →
Skeuomorphism means using real world references and metaphors on interfaces to enhance their comprehensibility. A skeuomorphic button looks like a physical switch, a skeuomorphic canvas can have a wood texture. But is skeuomorphism really dead? Well, no. Skeuomorphism is alive and this time it is invisible.

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Writing about UX for over a decade — and other UX links this week