Should you upgrade to Windows Server 2016?


Should you upgrade to Windows Server 2016?

We know upgrading your server OS can be a big investment, both in time and money. So why should you consider making the switch to Windows Server 2016 as soon as possible? Windows Server 2016 is an entirely new generation of operating system. We’ve heard your many concerns, like bridging the gap between on-premises and cloud, growing security threats, proliferation of end points, and shadow IT, and have implemented solutions directly within the OS. This will allow you to accomplish your IT and datacenter goals, no matter what they are.

You want to strengthen your security posture

“Traditionally, we had a hard time attracting customers under HIPAA regulations and with shielded VMs, we think we can engage these customers.”

– Jacob Morrison, Principal Engineer, Rackspace

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Relying solely on a perimeter security model is no longer sustainable. Attacks have become too sophisticated, and once someone is inside, they’re free to do whatever they want. Windows Server 2016 has layers of active security built in, giving you a stronger security posture and allowing you to detect, protect, isolate, and respond to threats.

  • Better protect admin credentials
  • Improve Virtual Machine protection
  • Strengthen threat detection capabilities

You’re looking for ways to improve efficiency for your software-defined datacenter

“We were already using VMware but wanted to do a fair and objective evaluation of both solutions. After a rigorous analysis of the two solutions, biases aside, Microsoft won hands down.”

– Mark Uemura, VP of end user technology, Rakuten

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Solve your operational and budgetary challenges. Blend physical and virtual infrastructures together through software-defined compute, storage, and networking technologies.

  • Resilient compute
  • Improve server density
  • Reduce storage costs
  • Rapid network scale

You want to innovate faster and more securely

“By upgrading to Windows Server 2016, we were able to ‘lift and shift’ a key security application into Windows Server Containers, gain the flexibility to run it anywhere, and begin to use microservices to refactor aspects of the application to gain needed scalability.”

– Stephen Tarmey, Chief Architect, Tyco International

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We understand how important it is to keep a balance in your app development between agility and security. If you’re grappling with your ability to manage and update the thousands of apps you currently employ, Windows Server 2016 can make your job significantly simpler.

  • Better secure existing apps
  • Move traditional apps to a modern DevOps environment
  • Quickly build cloud-native and hybrid apps

You want to (or want the option to) move to the cloud

Windows Server is inspired by the cloud but built to work with whatever infrastructure you currently have. When you do decide to move some or all of your workloads, it’s seamless. Windows Server is the foundation for your hybrid environment.

  • Private and public cloud environments via virtual machines
  • New container formats
  • Extend your license to Azure

Ready to know more?

We know this kind of upgrade can be a major decision, so we’ve created a more complete overview of everything you’ll find in Windows Server 2016. Dive deep and learn everything you want to know about the new features and tools. Get the Ultimate Guide to Windows Server 2016


Should you upgrade to Windows Server 2016?

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Should you upgrade to Windows Server 2016?