Animated Infographic – Slide Design by Pompous Cheaters


Animated Infographic – Slide Design by Pompous Cheaters

When it comes to presentation design we’re all just a bunch of pompous cheaters who talk too much. Well, that’s a tongue-in-cheek view of the findings from our recent survey on presentation design anyway. Check out the results captured in this animated infographic:

We had a ton of fun with this project. Starting first with a
questionnaire template
in presentation format to reach out to folks via our blog, Twitter and Facebook. Once we had collected enough data we rolled it into an animated infographic, also in presentation format. Each step was done in SlideRocket (insert sound of own horn tooting).

3 Big Surprises

#1 We’re Cheaters!
We were struck by how over 50% of people look to either
presentation templates
or copy existing presentations when seeking to improve their presentation design. Apparently presentation blogs, books and tutorials are but an afterthought. Which makes sense given the time pressure many of us are under. Not to mention how scary a blank presentation can be. We’ll take this learning to heart and continue to create more and more templates for our users.

#2 Brevity Before Beauty!
I always assumed it was ugly slides that turned people off most. Turns out we’re forgiving of weak slide design so long as presenters keep it short and simple. We cited keeping it brief as our #1 challenge when creating presentations. And too many words was a glaring complaint (62%) when we’re in the audience. Wow. Message received!

#3 We’re Not Procrastinators!
Really? Either the procrastinators were too busy to answer the survey because they’re scrambling to hit their deadlines, or it’s true that 41% of people start presentations 5+ days ahead of time. Good on you!

Introducing the Animated Infographic as a Presentation

Surely we didn’t invent the use of presentations as animated infographics. But there certainly aren’t very many of them out there. Which is a shame because we liked how this one turned out, and it was so simple. No fancy formats or design tools. Just straight slides with creative use of builds and animations. Hmmmm, maybe we should start making animated infographic templates? Let us know if that would be helpful and well get on it!

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Animated Infographic – Slide Design by Pompous Cheaters

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Animated Infographic – Slide Design by Pompous Cheaters