OnePlus 5T receives update to improve unlocking, video recording, and more

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OnePlus' latest flagship, the 5T, just went on saletwo days ago. It looks like OnePlus may have found a few last-minute bugs in the software, because Oxygen OS 4.7.2 has started rolling out to the phone with a few helpful fixes included.

The update in question is Oxygen OS 4.7.2, with an update size of 107MB. According to the changelog, it includes fixes for face unlock, fingerprint unlock, screen off gestures, EIS during video recording, and others. Also, the update also includes a patch for the KRACK vulnerability. OnePlus fixed the KRACK vulnerability for the OnePlus 5 earlier this month , with OxygenOS 4.5.14.

If you have a OnePlus 5T and you haven't received this update yet, you should get it soon. Let us know if you got it in the comments below.

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