SQL Server Create parent child XML using Select

存储架构 2017-11-15

I have a parent and child table in SQL Server database.

The parent table name ATAHeader

SELECT Header . txnDateTime , Header . [fileName] FROM ATAHeader Header

The child table name ATA

SELECT ATAInformation . [MCKey] , ATAInformation . [MCValue] , ATAInformation . SCN FROM [dbo] . [ATA] ATAInformation

We would like to produce the XML hierarchy like the one below.

< Header >

< txnDateTime > 2017-09-25T13:35:41 txnDateTime >

< fileName > REQ_MYTPP-J33-S_JATA_20170925133541.xml fileName >

< ATAInformation >

< MCKey > MCKey >

< MCValue > MCValue >

< SCN > 152292 SCN >

ATAInformation >

Header >

You will need to follow the SQL statement below to produce the XML.

SELECT Header . txnDateTime , Header . [fileName] ,
ATAInformation . [MCKey] , ATAInformation . [MCValue] , ATAInformation . SCN
FROM [dbo] . [ATAHeader] Header





[ATA] ATAInformation

on Header . fileName = ATAInformation . fileName




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