SQL numeric convert to datetime related query

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The sql server converts the datetime to another time zone?

How do I convert the current time (datetime) in my timezone into another timezone, say France ? I looked around in SO, but did not find any posts which could help me. I am using SQL server 2008.select CONVERT(datetime,SWITCHOFFSET(CONVERT(datetimeoff

Help me to build a fast / optimized t-sql to convert the 12-hour clock into a 24-hour clock

I have a table contain only 2 columns(Time and AMPM). both columns are NVARCHAR. Time......AMPM 07:30.....AM 08:45.....PM 12:00.....PM 01:00.....PM 12:00.....AM I need to build t-sql to convert above data to Time 07:30 20:45 12:00 13:00 00:00 as u ma

Sql error: converting a varchar data type to a date-date type has resulted in an out-of-range value

I tried to enter the date of the current day with the following code: string now = (DateTime.Today.Day + "/" + DateTime.Today.Month + "/" + DateTime.Today.Year).ToString(); string tm = (DateTime.Today.Hour + ":" + DateTime.To

The Oracle PLSQL function launches PL / SQL: numeric error or value: string buffer too small, to return large data

I have the following PLSQL functions that returns following error when returning a large data. ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric or value error: character string buffer too small MODIFIED PLSQL FUNCTION CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION FRDUSER.FRD_TELECOP_DYN_REP

How to convert a DateTime to JulianDate?

I need to convert a DateTime to a julian date in YYDDD format. How do you do it? I have seen there is a JulianCalendar class in .net but cannot find any example how to do the conversion. I have seen few links but none of them work. any suggestions? U

SQL Server: Converts to Today and Adds 8 Hours: Part II

In my older post, I tried to change the date to current date and add 8 hours time. SQL Server: convert to today then add 8 hours UPDATE business.dbo.db_schedule SET nextUpdate= DATEADD(hh, 8, DATEADD(d, DATEDIFF(D,nextUpdate,Getdate()), nextUpdate))

Convert the datetime to a string with the name of the month and the name of the day

Is there a way to convert a datetime like 1/28/2016 to Friday January 28 2016 in C#? I'm using .ToShortDateString() to remove the time. I just want the date.Use the DateTime.ToLongDateString() function, it is designed to fulfill your requirement.

Why is there a Convert.ToInt32 (DateTime) method when the operation is & ldquo; Not supported & rdquo;

The Convert.ToInt32(DateTime) method is documented to always throw an InvalidCastException because "This conversion is not supported." If its not supported, why does it even exist? Wouldn't it make more sense to just not have that function?Looki

How to convert C # DateTime to AngularJs

In the AngularJS documentation, an example was shown: {{1288323623006 | date:'medium'}}: {{1288323623006 | date:'medium'}}
{{1288323623006 | date:'yyyy

How to clean columns & amp; convert to datetime using python

I'm parsing my data from JSON to following DataFrame, but I'm not able to remove the extra stuff from readingtime column & convert it to datetime format readingtime deviceId 0 {u'$date': u'2014-11-04T17:27:50.000+0000'} 1224EG12 I tried using replace

SQL Server converts datetime to int in query

I have a field that contains time in seconds after midnight, however SQL Server will only display it as datetime yyyy-mm-dd hh.ss.xxx. I am trying to query this and convert the data to seconds after midnight, the way it should be, e.g. 01:00 would be

MS Access / Excel query SQL Server producing a DATETIME conversion error

I've looked around for a solution for this, but none of them seem to fix my problem SELECT TOP 10 [Appointment_Date] FROM dbo.RF_Performance_Referrals_Main WHERE (([Appointment_Date]) < '7/21/2014') ORDER BY [Appointment_Date] DESC Above is the Simpl

Why can not I convert Nullable DateTime as a string in a LinQ query?

I am trying to take a DateTime value, and if it is not null return the Short Time String. My query looks like this: (TimeIn is NOT NULLABLE, whereas TimeOut is NULLABLE) var times = from t in db.TimePostings where t.MemberID == member.MemberID select

Convert the Datetime column of the Sql Server (MSSQL) to Unix in PHP

Querying SQL Server (MSSQL) columns in PHP (Ubuntu / PHP 5.2.4), my date columns are coming out looking like this: May 16 2013 12:00:00:000AM strtotime won't parse them. Tried this: preg_match("/^([a-zA-Z]{3}) ([0-9]{1,2}) ([0-9]{4}) ([0-9]{2}):([0-9

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