Microsoft is building a new version of Skype for tutors and consultants

科技动态 2017-11-15

Microsoftis prepping to preview Skype Professional Account
, which will make it easier for people who provide training, tutoring, consulting and counseling sessions via video chat to run their services – for free.

The new version will include tools to schedule sessions, add notes for individual clients, and receive payments through the app. Microsoft also notes that it’ll help customers discover your brand, but hasn’t yet elaborated on how that might work.

That’s handy, because most people who offer training or consult via video now have to use a bunch of unconnected apps to manage their businesses. If Microsoft plays its cards right, it could fill a gap that hasn’t been addressed yet, while retaining and drawing more people to use its popular (if not exactly beloved) video calling app.

If Skype Professional sounds like your cup of tea, you can sign up to try it
by filling out a form to describe your video chat-based business.


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