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need help with my ER model

I need help in designing a database model for my company. basically it is a trading company into industrial products. so we have sales,purchases,inventory,warehouses,employees,receivables,payables, etc. as main functions. I would greatly appreciate s

Need help with the sql query to find things labeled with all the specified tags

Let's say I have the following tables: TAGS id: integer name: string POSTS id: integer body: text TAGGINGS id: integer tag_id: integer post_id: integer How would I go about writing a query that select all posts that are tagged with ALL of the followi

I need help with a SQL query JOINT JOIN

I need help to write a simple procedure. Let me explain what I'm trying to do. I have 3 tables tJobOffer tApplication tApplicationStatus I would like to create a procedure that return me a list of tJobOffer with the number of candidate that responded

Java: Need help reporting NullPointerException

Need help pointing out which one causes the NullPointerException. I've tried everything from what I understand but still no luck. import com.threed.jpct.Object3D; public class HelloShader extends Activity implements OnScaleGestureListener { private f

Need help writing a custom attribute in MVC

I have to write custom attribute to check dependent property using MVC pattern. I am using System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations for checking required fields. My WPF application contains listview control. All my properties written in modal class get

Need help optimizing the oracle query

I need help in optimizing the following query. It is taking a long time to finish. It takes almost 213 seconds . because of some constraints, I can not add an index and have to live with existing ones. INSERT INTO temp_table_1 ( USER_ID, role_id, par

I need help understanding the manipulation of the character

Question: I need to write a function, int is_lower_101(char c), that returns true if it's a lowercase and false otherwise. And I can't use the predefined tolower type functions. I also can't use integer values for the characters. What I need help wit

Need help for complex data to sort SQL Server

I need help for complex data sort from database. Suppose my data stored in table like this: Description -------------- JCB Excavator - ECU P/N: 728/35700 Geo Prism 1995 GEO - ABS #16213899 GEO pump Geo Prism 1995 - GEO ABS #16213897 Geo Prism 1995 -

Need help repositioning and resizing widgets with the Python Tkinter grid

Hi guys I was wondering if I could get some help on how to resize widgets with .grid on tkinter. I have no clue and I've tried weight= but it doesn't do anything. I also need help moving the two combo boxes in my code to certain areas. Normally the w

Need help creating lead or corner divisions CSS / HTML

I need help creating responsive divs with background images that have a slant or angle in them with no border to achvive a look like this:

<div class="rr-right" &

Program file (x86) when checked for dwfileattributes Returns a value of 73745. I need help knowing what combination is added to this value?

WIN32_FIND_DATA FindFileData; . . . . if(FindFileData.dwFileAttributes == FILE_ATTRIBUTE_DIRECTORY) { . } This failed for program files and I found it online that it is combination of FILE_ATTRIBUTE_DIRECTORY + FILE_ATTRIBUTE_READONLY and not FILE_AT

I need help to read analog voltages in an arduino mega2560

I'm new to microcontrollers and I need help reading voltages and printing them in the serial monitor. I have done this using a potentiometer, but I was wondering if I could do the same with just voltages. Below is the code that I used when I read the

Need help with MySQL JOINs dealing with four tables

I need help with a MySQL query. This example is much simpler than the one I actually need, but it's similar. Here are my example tables, I tried to make it easy to read. posts --------------- id date 1 2010 2 2010 posts_tags --------------- post_id t

Need help understanding program C to find the IP address of this machine

I am not getting this assignment about finding the IP address of the machine. I need help understanding the logic of this code. Our college lab uses proxy server; will this code work on a computer without proxy? #include /* stderr, stdout

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