10-year-old unlocks his mum’s iPhone with Face ID

科技动态 2017-11-15

Applesays that there’s only the slimmest of chances
that someone other than you can spoof youriPhone X usingFace ID, thanks to its cutting-edge camera and image recognition system. But it was no match for fifth-grader Ammar Malik, who’s been able to unlock his mother’s new iPhone repeatedly – even after she re-registered her face.

Malik demonstrates the unlocking in a clip above with his mother, Sana Sherwani – complete with a dab at the end. The family told Wired
that Malik also managed to unlock his father’s iPhone X a couple of times.

While this doesn’t imply that just any rando who steals your phone could gain access to its contents, it does pose a challenge for parents who want to keep their apps and data away from their children’s prying eyes. To that end, Apple simply recommends using a passcode. Not exactly what you want to hear after buying a $1,000 device.


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