Can I use SQlite to access the MySQL database

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Unable to access the MySQL database Sonar Caused by: java.sql.SQLException: Access denied for user 'sonar'@'glassfishdev.ccs.local' (using password: YES)

I am trying to add Sonar to my Continuous Integration build system. I am using ANT as my build script and I am using the sonar-ant-task-1.1.jar for sonar to generate the reports based on my source code in SVN. Problem When the build runs and hits the

Accessing the MySQL database in the d3 visualization

I need some help with d3 and MySQL. Below is my question: I have data stored in MySQL (eg: keywords with their frequencies). I now want to visualize it using d3. As far as my knowledge of d3 goes, it requires json file as input. My question is: How d

Unable to access the MySQL database

I'm trying to use MySQL with my first website, and using to host it. The website control panel gives me the following info for the MySQL database I have created, which I have stored in a login.php file <?php $db_hostname = (hostname); $db_data

Node js call function, which accesses the mysql database and returns the json result, multiple times

I'm new to Node.js. I have a function 'getFromDb' that accesses a mysql database and returns a json file with some data. What if I have an array of query data and I want to call the same function through a for loop to get a json file for each element

How do I access the mysql database using the shell script?

Is there a way I can access MySQL database using shell script? want to do some selects and some inserts on multiple tables? It will be great if you can give some sample code as I am new to scripting.This link seems to have the information you want. h

Unable to access the mysql database from the wamp server online

i'm able to use phpmyadmin online using server ip address from myclient ..... i'm trying to retrive data from mysql using java code here is my code /* * To change this template, choose Tools | Templates * and open the template in the editor. */ packa

SpagoBI data set: use javascript to access the MongoDB database

Since data set in SpagoBI could be created using scripts, I need to connect, query my MongoDB data base using javascript (or Groovy). I need to use scripts to be able to execute aggregation on the mongoDB data, I can't use aggregation directly on my

Using PDO to connect the Mysql database does not work

I am trying to using the PDO module in my PHP code to connect to the database. I have read and search the similar topics, but I can't figure out what I have done wrong. Please help me to solve the issue. Apache version: Apache/2.2.21 (Win32) PHP/5.3.

Is it a bad practice to have the most widely used large column in the mysql database table?

I have a MySQL database table, which have more than 100 columns. I have to add two more columns, which if entered by user, keeps text data in it, but which is hardly used. Now my question is, what will happen if I make it as "medium text" sized

Using php to update the mysql database

This question already has an answer here: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '}' [closed] 2 answers I'm very new at coding/programming, therefore solving problems is not easy for me at all. I have to make a php page that should let me display the

PDO: Why I can not extract my own article, but I can extract messages from users following the MySQL database form

I have a problem with my SQL code. I am trying to create a newsfeed like facebook using PDO. My problem is that the best i can come up with, is that its pulling all the posts of the users am following but not my own posts. Cant seem to find the probl

How do I register the MySQL database user name and password to access the database?

I am working on a project which have to access the MySQL database username and password to read and update the user database. Initially i wrote the username and password of the database directly to my code. But my teacher asked me to create a prompt

How do I access another MySQL database from another IP address with PHP?

Ok, If you can answer this question, you deserve the nobel peace prize. Anyways, here's the situation. I'm using Slicehost dot net, and I have 2 slices (two different IPs). One slice is my mail server and the other is my normal website. I'm running U

Access denied on the mysql database using openshift

I am trying to get to deploy my nodejs app to openshift but I'm having a particularly annoying problem with communication with mysql. I can access the mysql db through port forwarding ( local -> using my local clien

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