Google Home app is getting a facelift and some handy new features

Google is pushing out a new update to theGoogle Home app. It’s making things smarter, easier to navigate and giving you more control over the devices around you. The update moves the navigation buttons to the bottom of the app to make controlling the app a little more intuitive.

The app will also now give you recommendations from all your streaming services likeYouTube,Netflix, and more. The hope is that it’ll be easier to find movies, music, and shows and jump right into the apps that offer them up. If you’re not getting what you want via a suggestion, you might try out the new and improved search too. Instead of just searching by the name of a show or movie, you can now also search by actor, artist, genre, or category.

If you’re more interested in upcoming movies, the app is now integrating trailers too. And, since this is the app that controls your connected devices, you can cast them to aChromecast-enabled television while using your phone to “seamlessly swipe and play trailers for related content.”

The last, and maybe biggest upgrade in the app is more control over your connected devices. The app now features redesigned controllers that have a circular design. You can now also adjust settings like bass and treble on speakers with Google Assistant built in, like Google Home and Google Home Mini.

You can hit the button below to head to the Play Store and update your app now for the fresh experience.


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