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Multiple SELECT queries and looping results in PHP and mySQL

I'm trying to learn best practices with multiple SQL queries in PHP and mySQL. Not sure if I should have two separate queries or if I should join (or UNION?) my queries into one. Can I do the following or is there another way to accomplish the same t

PHP and MySQL connection request

I am learning MySQL and PHP and am currently having trouble with this login process. It seems the MySQL query is not returning any rows and not redirecting me after a successful login. PHP: $error_msg = ""; //checks the session to see if the use

PHP and MySQL broadband traffic solution

Consider the creation of high traffic PHP web-site with many parallel users. Which is the best possible MySQL abstraction (ORM or OODBMS) in terms of effectiveness (15-20 database tables with sum of about 100000 items and JOIN queries between no more

Implementing PHP and MySQL without updating alerts

I am somewhat new to PHP and MySQL, and have just setup a basic login + register system (it took me forever to be satisfied with my error messages!). I have noticed a major annoyance with my code. When a user logs in, I run $_SESSION['username'] = $u

How to run the equivalent of PHP and MySQL on portable media (eg CD, USB and / or iPhone)

I use a local installation of Apache, MySQL, and PHP with XAMPP which require a bit of configuration and installation - is there an alternative language or database system that can be used on portable media such as a CD or DVD-Rom? Although this ques

PHP and MySQL - Constants, Function, Best Practices?

I've been using PHP and MySQL for years now, but never in a formal setting. I use it to streamline things at my work, and have programmed a lot of my own commercial websites, but I'm not employed as a programmer, and never have been. I'm looking to s

How to generate the extract as generated by google with PHP and MySQL?

Say,it just returns the snippet around which the searching keyword exists. And part of the text is replaced by "...". Is it possible to achieve that goal with PHP and MySQL?Modified deceze's function slightly to allow multiple phrases. e.g. your

Connection errors based on PHP and MYSQL

I am creating a PHP and MYSQL Login System and I am receiving the errors below. I am using this tutorial: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lta1r9xhk2u2ef0/3592029.doc. I can't seem to find the problem. Errors: Notice: Undefined index: logged_in in /home/use

PHP and MySQL subtract seconds from time

I have 2:00 in a table and I would like to subtract 0:01 from it. I have tried in a recent post before this one, but it is no help. In PHP and MySQL, how would I subtract 1 second from 2 minutes? if (isset($_GET['id']) && isset($_GET['time'])) { m

How to add a line value to a fixed position in an array using PHP and MySQL

I need some help. I need to keep one row value from table in bottom position in an array using PHP and MySQL . I am explaining the table below. db_designation: id name 1 aaa 2 bbbb 3 Other 4 tttt I am explaining my query below. $sqldeg=mysqli_query($

Connecting using PHP and MySQL does not work

i create a login form using php and mysql. My process is if user is successfully login to there database then it show the username on the page. this is my Database: id | username | email | password ----------------------------------------------------

How to download an image file using php and mysql

Basically I have to create a jukebox type chart via mysql and php using xampp. I've done the basics of setting up the table my referring to mysql database etc. I just don't get how to code the path to the image folder I have created. My Image folder

JQuery datepicker with php and mysql

i use jQuery datepicker. i disabled input text and wanted use it as simple calendar http://jqueryui.com/demos/datepicker/#inline but now i need to make it with php and mysql, so as retrieve news from database on selected date. for instance when admin

Connecting J2ME with PHP and mySql

I am working on mobile app and i need to connect to database on a server, i would like to use php and mysql can anyone direct me to a good tutorial on using J2ME with php mysql?I think what you are looking for is how to write a web-service using php

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