TechSpot + PC Unlocker giveaway: So you can reset your Windows password easily

Top Password Software are the developers of the highly regarded PC Unlocker utility and they are offering some free software exclusively to TechSpot readers. So here’s your chance to win 10 free licenses of their most complete password recovery suite.

Password Recovery Bundle 2017
is an all-in-one toolkit that lets you recover a lost or forgotten password for Windows, PDF documents, Office docs like Word, Excel and PowerPoint, as well as ZIP and RAR files. The complete list of covered applications is too long to include here (instant messengers, email clients, SQL, and more), so head over to their site to learn what else you can do with it.

There’s also a more specialized (and affordable) utility just for recovering Windows OS passwords called PC Unlocker
that lets you bypass and reset forgotten administrator passwords on Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP (and more), it achieves this by using a bootable drive.

The week-long giveaway consists of the 10 licenses
of Password Recovery Bundle 2017.

How to Win

  • Entering the drawing is easy. First, post a short comment in this story to confirm you’re included.
  • Second, keep posting in news and forum comments during the course of the following week.
  • We’ll be monitoring all comments for the most insightful, funny, or otherwise interesting posts.
  • The best 10 comments will get a license, simple as that.

That’s it. The giveaway is open for a week until next Tuesday, November 21.

If you get liked by one of our staff members or en masse by fellow readers, that’s a good sign. Winners will be notified via email the day after the contest is over. Good luck!

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