Squarespace Launches New Mobile App for Tracking Customer Analytics

The redesigned mobile analytics platform from Squarespace gives you valuable insights into your website so you can make informed decisions about your small business.

The new Squarespace Analytics app
delivers a range of metrics about your website on your iOS
and Android
mobile device. You can access the information any time no matter where you are by using the desktop analytic capabilities.


Why You Should Focus on Analytics and BI as a Small Business

Because of the way digital technology is used by small businesses, business intelligence
and big data analytics are no longer the domain of just large organizations. Analytics and business intelligennce give your small business tremendous growth opportunities in today’s digital ecosystem. This is because data is being continuously generated across your website, social media channels, email, ecommerce and more. If the data is properly managed with the right analytics and business intelligence solutions, the insights you gain will be invaluable.

Rita Sallam, VP of Research at Gartner,says, “New approaches have the potential to transform how and which users can derive insights from data discovery tools.”

The Data Discovery Tool of the Squarespace Analytics App

The app has been redesigned with a new interface for a smaller screen without sacrificing functionality. You can customize views and date ranges so you can see how your site is performing in the different metrics it measures.

Traffic Sources measures how your marketing is impacting website traffic and revenue. Activity Log, on the other hand, gives you insights by providing information about website visitors, which also includes their location and site path.

When it comes to keeping tabs on sales metrics, Top Products lets you see which of your items are best-sellers by revenue. The Sales Overview then compares the trends of the sales of your business from past dates. If you want to delve even deeper into the sales process, Purchase Funnel allows you to track everything from visits to purchase through every step of the funnel.

Embrace the Data

Many small businesses wrongly assume big data analytics or BI technologies don’t apply to them. But companies of all size now operate entirely or in great part in a digital ecosystem. This means you, your business, and customers will be generating a lot of data. The sooner you analyze this information and use the insights it provides, the sooner you will introduce new levels of efficiency to your business. The Squarespace mobile analytics app is one such tool.

Image: Squarespace


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