Become a Microsoft SQL Server Pro with This Certification Bundle

Our lives run on big data. It should therefore come as no surprise that database and server administrators are in increasingly high demand across practically every industry, and even entry-level salaries are incredibly competitive.

Microsoft SQL—one of the most ubiquitous database management systems on the planet—runs countless businesses and platforms across the globe, and becoming certified in this far-reaching technology can open up countless doors for your career.

The seven courses in this sweeping Ultimate Microsoft SQL Certification Bundle
will turn you into a Microsoft SQL pro and prepare you for some of the most respected certifications in the industry for just $44—97% off its usual price.

Presented through the user-friendly and intuitive iCollege platform, these courses will teach you everything you need to know about both the Microsoft SQL infrastructure and database administration in general. You’ll learn how to maintain database integrity and optimize indexing strategies, write automation scripts, explore data compression strategies, and much more.

There are even courses dedicated to teaching you how to explore data model decisions and how to manage major reporting systems.

Get the skills you need to become an in-demand Microsoft SQL professional with this immersive course bundle—on sale for 97% off atjust $44.

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