Google Adds DC Comics-Inspired Bugdroids To Android Pay

Google Doodle lovers who happen to make use of the company’s mobile payment platform are in for a treat, as the tech giant recently teamed up with DC Comics in order to giveAndroid Pay users an opportunity to discover and unlock new in-app animations depicting DC-inspired Bugdroids. These animations will be unlocked or awarded at random when placing an online payment using Android Pay; however, the hero bots will only be available for collecting until December 31st.

According toGoogle, these latest doodles have been inspired by the first animation designed by the Android Pay team back in 2016 when an Android bot wearing a space suit was quietly added to the mobile payment application. Apparently, this little Easter Egg sparked so much delight that the Android Pay team has decided to create more, but while previously doodled Android bots were somewhat of a rare sight, the new DC-inspired animations are here to stay beyond the checkout line. They are, in a way, limited-time collectible doodles, and considering the fact that the other Android Pay animations launched previously have yet to be added to the Google Doodle archive, it’s likely that these new DC Comics doodles will remain visible only to Android Pay users collecting them. As for the collecting part, users don’t really need to do anything special in particular as long as they utilize the latest version of Android Pay with an added credit or debit card, and reside in one of the eligible countries. Ukraine, Brazil, and the Czech Republic presently aren’t encompassed by the quirky feature but this may be due to the fact that Android Pay is fairly new in these countries, with Ukraine joining the platform on November 1st, and both Brazil and the Czech Republic only gaining Android Pay support earlier today.


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Each Android Pay purchase will offer a chance to unlock an Android bot version of Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Cyborg, or Aquaman. Rewards are hidden until unlocked and progress will be shown inside the application. Additionally, each unlocked Android bot can be shared with friends, but it’s still unclear whether the animations can be shared with anyone or only other eligible Android Pay users.

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