Accept a limited set of subtypes in a method argument

How do I accept the default setting on when “None” or no arguments are passed?

I am writing a new python class with a generic function. At one point I have a requirement as follows def function(a=1): …. …. print a # here I want a to be 1 if None or nothing is passed Eg: a(None) should print 1 a() should print 1 a(2) should

Convert hashcode code to a limited set of strings

I know it’s one-way function but I want to convert hashcode back to limited set of string (using char between 32 to 126). Is there an efficient way to do this?It’s not only feasible – it’s actually pretty simple, given the definition for String.hashC

Can you set an attribute on a method in python?

This question already has an answer here: Why does setattr fail on a bound method 2 answers I’m wondering if it is possible to use setattr to set an attribute to a method within a class like so because when I try I get an error which is going to be s

Is the minimal function of Scipy with the & ldquo; method? COBYLA & rdquo; Accept the limits?

I’m using the algorithm ‘COBYLA’ in scipy’s optimize.minimize function (v.0.11 build for cygwin). I observed that the parameter bounds seems not to be used in this case. For instance, the simple example: from scipy.optimize import minimize def f(x):

Jersey Client API WebResource accept () does not set the MIME header correctly?

public static WebResource createWebResource() { final ClientConfig cc = new DefaultClientConfig(); final Client c = Client.create(cc); final WebResource wr = c.resource(“http://localhost:19801/wtg_inventory_war/wtg/rest”) .path(inv); return wr;

Sum Ascii Array that accepts a string set and returns the sum of all ascii values ​​of all characters in all strings in this array

k I am being asked to Write a function sumArrayAscii that accepts an array of strings and returns the sum of all the ascii values of all the characters in all the strings in that array. Note that this function should use sumAscii from problem. this i

JQuery: Iterate through a limited set of numeric values ​​on the click

I know it’s a very basic question, but still: When a page is first loaded, the variable myvar is set to a random value: 0, 1, 2, or 3. On button click, if the variable is less than 3, it’s incremented by 1. If the variable = 3, it’s set to 0. Would b

Casting Sets on Subtypes

I’m trying to create my own subclass of socket.socket that will be able to handle custom messages. So far my code looks like this: self._sockets.append(s) logging.debug(“Waiting for incoming connections on port %d” % (port)) while not self.shutd

How to run the Elasticsearch Completion Suggestion Request on a limited set of documents

I’m using a completion suggester in Elasticsearch on a single field. The type contains documents of several users. Is there a way to limit the returned suggestions to documents that match a specific query? I’m currently using this query: { “name”

How do I accept a generic class and use its properties / methods?

I want to create a class that could hold any of a number of same type of classes. For example lets says I have a base class like follows: public class BaseClass { public string MyBaseString { get; set; } } And then I have a few derived classes like t

Set up a Business Layer method. Best practice / best model

We are using ASP.NET with a lot of AJAX “Page Method” calls. The WebServices defined in the Page invokes methods from our BusinessLayer. To prevent hackers to call the Page Methods, we want to implement some security in the BusinessLayer. We are

Limiting the enumeration value in the method parameter

enum Fruit { Banana, Orange, Strawberry … … // etc, very long enum } PeelFruit(Fruit.Orange); PeelFruit(Fruit.Banana); PeelFruit(Fruit.Strawberry); // huh? can’t peel strawberries! Sorry for the lame example, but hopefully you get the idea. Is th

Can we set a timer in the method -applicationWillTerminate?

I have an app that pulls up data from a webpage and populates it in a UITableView. I see that my app does not terminate even after a long time after hitting the home button. I realize that if the phone was low on memory, the OS will kill the app. I d

Python aiomysql puts a set of quotes around my query argument

I’m using python’s aiomysql execute function to execute sql queries. @asyncio.coroutine def select(sql,args=None,size=None): log(sql,args) global __pool with (yield from __pool) as conn: cur = yield from conn.cursor() yield from cur.execute(sql.repla

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