Samsung hid a savage easter egg in its latest anti-Apple ad

手机数码 2017-11-06

Blink and you might just miss this easter egg, but it's a gem.

Samsung's latest ad follows an avid iPhone user who eventually decides to switch sides after ten years.

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The ad, titled "Growing Up," opens with the man queueing up for his first iPhone in 2007, all the way up till present day, where he finally sees the light and decides to skip the queue for the iPhone X.

The minute-long ad manages to majorly throw shade at the iPhone, highlighting all the criticisms it's faced over the years: its lack of stylus, non-waterproof phones, and of course, the dongles.

But the real dig is when the man is shown walking past a line of people queueing up for the new iPhone X.

If you look closely, one guy in the queue spots a haircut shaped like the iPhone X's infamous notch.

Yeah, we see you

Image: samsung/youtube/screenshot

Real subtle, Samsung.

Looks like they couldn't let the launch of the iPhone X go without saying at least one thing about it.

Your move now, Apple.


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